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Form and Subform

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I have a main Form named frmProjQry.  Within this main form, I have 5 subforms.  One subform is named sfrmWO (based on tblWO) while a second is named sfrmALbr (based on tblALbr).  I want sfrmALbr to display records where tblWO.WONo = tblALbr.WOOrder AND tblALbr.Cost Element <> to 890001 or 890002.


The following SQL for sfrmALbr is pulling records where tblWO.WONo = tblALbr.WOOrder; however, it continues to also include records where tblALbr.Cost Element is = to 890001 or 890002.


SELECT tblALbr.[Cost Element], tblALbr.[Cost Element Name], tblALbr.[Posting Date], tblALbr.TotalQty, tblALbr.[Valin RepCurLbr]
FROM tblWO LEFT JOIN tblALbr ON tblWO.WONo = tblALbr.WOOrder
WHERE (((tblALbr.[Cost Element])<>890001 Or (tblALbr.[Cost Element])<>890002) AND (([tblWO].[WOOrder])=[Forms]![frmProjQry]![sfrmWO]![WONo]))
ORDER BY tblALbr.[Posting Date];



Is there an error with my syntax or logic?

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run your query to find out if it has error.

you may also use this as your Criteria:

WHERE (NOT ((tblALbr.[Cost Element]) IN (890001, 890002))) AND (([tblWO].[WOOrder])=[Forms]![frmProjQry]![sfrmWO].Form![WONo]))