Export to text wizard failing

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I have a simple query (query1) that I want to export as csv text file. I am using a method I used successfully int he past but this time when I try it fails and reports

"The Microsoft Access database engine could not find the object 'Query1.txt'. Make sure the object exists and that you spell its name and the path name correctly. If 'Query1.txt' is not a local object, check you network connection or contact the server administrator"

This error indicated I don't have write access to save the file or I am using an invalid file name, but I am not.


Notably, when I follow the wizard but select the option [export data with formatting and layout] I can choose the same filename and location (which is my local drive) and it will write the file. But this output format is not CSV format I want. However when I do select this option I do get a popup asking me "encode query1 as" and a choice of radio buttons to select the file encoding type. I do not get this option offered when I use the normal export method, and I believe in the past I did. 


As a work-around, I use the export wizard to out put it as an excel file, the in excel save it as CSV without issue. 


I tried closing and opening access and creating a new database with just the one table, but get the same issue. I am guessing there is some corruption or setting, but have no idea how to progress to a solution





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".... I am using a method I used successfully int he past...."

Which method is that? Knowing that detail could help someone think of a useful suggestion to try.



@George Hepworth 

I have access to another PC where it works as expected. The steps are:

  1. From Access GUI: Right click query, select export > text file
  2. Define text file location and name (e.g. query1.csv). Do not tick boxes for Export data with formatting and layout. Select OK
  3. Select radio button “Delimited”, then Next
  4. Select radio button “Comma”, then Next, tick box “include Field Names on First row” and dropdown Text Qualifier as “
  5. On export to file prompt, reconfirm the same filename as specified in (2-), select “Finish”
  6. Don’t tick box “Save Export steps”, select “Close”



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I had not tried rebooting the PC. On doing so the issue went away. I should have tried earlier, it would have save a lot of time.


Sorry this action has removed any chance of diagnosing the root cause, but the issue is now resolved.