Error Message Loop When Entering Data

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MS 365 Access - If I enter incorrect data into a formatted/input mask field I will get an err msg. There is no way out of the err msg. ANY key stroke or mouse click anywhere or ESC key will loop the error message. Only way out is to use Task Manager and end Access task. Of course I cannot duplicate the error on my wife's Access. So there must be some issue on my PC. I did virus scans and use MS virus and firewall. Both PC's office install done 2 weeks ago, neither had Access previously installed. Screen shot of error msg attached. Any Ideas?


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You could perform an office Repair.
You could try manually updating office.

If you can, please post a screenshot of the error popup message.


Thanks for your reply, Yes I did the Office repair which reinstalled Office 365. Sorry this was my first post and I botched the screen shot. Here it is, the phone number contains a #.


This error also occurred when constructing a selection criteria for a query. Error in the syntax. Screen shot in attachment.

You should be able to click okay and edit the value, no?
That is the problem, I cannot. The Access window is frozen and not active anywhere. ANY key stroke or mouse click anywhere or ESC key will loop the error message sound. A mouse click anywhere in the Access window results only in the sound generated by an error. I have since found out that Wes_Jan on 6-17-2020 reported the same problem.
Do you have any events associated with the form or control that might be causing a loop like this?

What is your Access build no?


No controls or events associated. I do not know the build or where to find it - not in help but I installed MS 365 Office Family 2 weeks ago.

It's under File -> Account

In the same place there should be a combo box for update options, you could try manually updating to see if that makes any difference.



The Update Now says my Access is up to date, my OS is 64 bit, my build is: