Emailing with Access and Mail Merge

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I am a new user of Access 365.  I have created a personalized letter to send to multiple email recipients in an Access database.  I complete all the steps, but after clicking the OK in the last step, nothing happens.  I don't know if my email is connected to Access.  Does it need to be?  Thanks.

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In which application did you create your letter?
How exactly are you trying to send your email?
You complete which steps exactly? Please give us a step by step explanation so we can follow along.



I am new and not very savy but I will try to explain. I appreciate any help you can give me. 


I am using Access.


Here are the steps I followed. I opened the database and selected the appropriate query. I opened External Data and Word Merge.  I selected Create a new document and link data to it. I selected email message as the document type. I selected Use current document, then Select Recipients, then Use existing list.  I then wrote the letter in Word and copied it into the window that opened in Access and selected “More Items” to add the names and addresses. I then clicked to Preview the letter, then selected Complete your Merge.  Under that I clicked on Electronic Mail. I entered the message subject and selected HTML and Send Records to All.  When I clicked on OK, nothing happened.  No email was sent.


As background information, let me explain that someone else created the database which I transferred to my computer.  We both have access to the association’s email address.  But he has Microsoft Outlook as his email and I use AOL.  The shared email address is a gmail account. 


I don’t know if I have to have Outlook to use Access. 


I figured I must have to connect the Access database to my email.  But, if that is the case, I don’t know how to do that.


Please let me know if this answers your questions. .