Digital Signatures of Access VBA code

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Is Microsoft working on allowing digital signatures to be applied to VBA code in Microsoft Access 2007 and later versions similar to how it works in 2003 ? Our organization uses thousands of Access databases for day to day work and soon unsigned code in Access databases (as well as Excel, Word, etc...) will not be allowed to run on our network :sad: . This means that in an instance many of our Access database applications will no longer work and will have to be re-written using another tool such as Oracle APEX or .NET - something that might be beyond the abilities :suprised: of our users as these new platforms are more developer driven than user driven.  Fortunately, some of our Access databases can be converted to the 2003 version which allows VBA code to be signed :smile:and which will then run on our network. I've tried signing the accdb versions using "Package and Sign" which only applies the digital signature to the package but not the code - in my opinion pretty useless for anything other than transferring files from one location to another.

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