Creating an Automated Process

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I am trying to create an automated process using Access that can be integrated with SharePoint. I would like to make a sort of wizard that guides users through the process. Is that possible? If so, how?

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It should be possible, but with no detail beyond what has been provided, it is impossible to suggest anything useful.



The process involves 2 fillable forms (already created) and should proceed as follows:
Fill forms
Add attachments
Request Signatures/Approvals
Receive Signatures/Approvals
Forward to Front Office
HR/Front Office Process Package

It is a job advertising process.


I see. That actually sounds a little like a high-level project spec doc you might give to a contractor you hire to do the work.


What SPECIFIC part of that have you tried so far?


What SPECIFIC part of that have you had trouble implementing?



I've been exploring a couple different ways to accomplish this but was looking to create a sort of wizard process to guide through it. I've tried using power automate as this is meant to be integrated into SharePoint but it didn't work out as a single process. I am new to using Access and am still getting the hang of it so I'm still not sure if there are any Access features I could use to accomplish this.
I tried creating a task manager but wanted to create navigation tabs on it. I successfully created the task manager but couldn't quite figure out the navigation tabs or how to create a next button so I could move from one step to the next.



I'm sorry, I don't mean to be negative, but that's a really big topic.


The direct answer is, "Yes, most of this could be done in Access."


You'll be able to build a set of relational tables to store your data. That's the primary reason for using Access.


You'll be able to build forms to support interaction between the data in those tables and your users. Access has excellent interface tools.


You'll be able to automate the processes using VBA. That's an also integral part of Access.


Most likely scenario is that you'll build a "wizard-like" interface using multiple forms, each of which is dedicated to one step in the process. These forms would have controls on them through which data can be manipulated (i.e. entry in a text control or selecting one record from a listbox) and a command button to execute code to perform the desired action.


But going into more specifics would require getting involved in the project itself.


Also, I wonder what you mean by integrating it with SharePoint. It's a fundamentally different environment that may or may not be compatible with what you want to do.


Again, I fear being too negative, but at this point, I'm feeling like you want someone to do the equivalent of helping you build "a house of some sort" and that's a pretty large undertaking.

Thank you. Honestly I was just trying to figure out if it was possible to do and if it would function in SharePoint as I get the option on Access to link projects to my SharePoint site and they appear to work. I just wasn't sure if a more complex process would function properly in that environment. Once again thank you for your guidance it gave me some direction and now I can get working on this system. Thanks!



You can use SharePoint Lists as tables in an Access Relational Database Application, yes. And, on the SharePoint side I'm sure there are ways to automate certain actions as Workflows. (I don't have much experience there.)

That said, if the automation happens in SP, and the data is stored in SP lists, the data can be exposed in Access, and that means you can do additional processing from the Access side, using typical Access features and functions.


Again, it's kind of a large project, and potentially fairly challenging. If you can implement it, it ought to be pretty impressive.

@George Hepworth thank you so much for your advice! Hopefully this works as it is the best solution for this specific process.