Could Not Lock File

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I am working on a network and every PC/Laptop has been updated to the latest Microsoft update, but we are still having issues trying to use our Access database.  


Please can you let me know what else I can try?

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Basically you need to rollback to the Previous office update to 13801.21050 it will work, as i was having same issue, rolled back to previous and error was gone.
do you have same issue as with this thread:

then you need to rollback your updates.

@arnel_gp Is this the only way to fix the issue?

i have not really experienced this.
so i cannot advise you on what is best.
there are similar thread similar to what you are experiencing and may point to another
corrective action.
Having the same issue as described here: We have verified all 4 users that are using the database are on Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel Version 2102, build 13801.21092 but still does not allow more than one person in at a time. I'm stymied.

@Gthomas5634 This does sound like the now infamous bug from the December Windows Update. It's rolling on (sort of like a virus ??) as people get the update installed on their computers.


The most comprehensive discussions of which I am aware are here and here


Daniel's article includes a discussion about rolling back and about getting the updated fix, if possible.