Could not lock file in Access

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I was trying to create labels in Access when I got the "could not lock file" error message.  I am not on a network, using this at home stand alone.  Read your other discussions where it is suggested rolling back to a previous version of Microsoft 365.  I have no idea how to see the version I have nor how to roll it back.

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This Microsoft support article explains how to determine your exact version and build of Office/Access.

In this bug article have a look at the version numbers that already have got a (partial) fix of the problem and click "Update now" in your Access to see if you get it.


If that doesn't work this support article explains how to revert to a previous version of Office.


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@Karl Donaubauer 


Still getting nowhere.  

Do not have the Office Updates under product information so obviously can't see version or build.

Used Microsoft Update, turned on update all Window products, claims everything up to date.


@dclutton Look under "About Access" for information about your version and build.



Go through File-->Account to get to this screen.