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Converting an older DB (could be in either 2003 or 2007 format)

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I have an older laptop that is running Access 2003.  I cannot tell whether the DB is in 2003 or 2007 format.  The objective is to be able to run the DB in Access 365.  It appears that I need to convert this DB in stages and the process I have tried results in an error message relating to MSJET.TLB V3.0 (missing reference). 


I am wondering whether this file, if I can find a reliable download source for it,  will be compatible with Access 365?


Also, is  their an easy way to confirm what the file format is for this particular DB?

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If the file works with Access 2003, then it is an mdb, which was the format for 2003 and prior versions of Access. Beginning in 2007, the format was upgraded and renamed accdb. 


If you are being required to convert it, that also means it was actually created in an even earlier version, possibly Access 97 or perhaps, Access 2000. There was a change in internals in mdbs that made those earlier versions so they can't be opened with Access 365 (and one or two prior versions).

So much for history. You are left with converting it. Typically that would involve saving it as an Access 2003 format mdb as an interim stage. "...the process you have tried..." though is sufficiently vague as to make it hard to guess if that's what you did.


If worst comes to worst, I can try to convert it for you.


And apparently, you have only that one mdb to worry about?

Thank you for your kind and generous offer. How can I send you the DB?
(Note: The only DBs I work on are my own. I am not a professional.)


There are three ways.

One, just attach it here. That's the least secure.

Two, if you have a public OneDrive, you can put it there and I can retrieve it.

Three, you could compress it into a ZIP file and email to Ghepworth AT (converted to the standard email format).


I don't use Google Drive very often. I can't see anything new there, but because I seldom used it, I'm not sure whether I'm looking in the right place.