Booking price changes according to date, occupancy, duration

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I have been using MS Access for some tasks and it is very handy. Due to increase efficiency on my new job I also want to create a database. But I am a little bit confused, because there are too many factors to consider. I hope you can help me by giving some ideas. So here is the situation.
I am supposed to give information to the customers according to their needs, while talking via phone.
I want to enter check-in and check-out dates and tell them prices on different premises. But prices vary according to:
1) Premises
2)Room type
3) whether staying one or two people on the room-single or double( because prices are full board)
4) Prices changes due to month of the year, and let say if someone check-in time is 29th of December and check-out time is 03rd of January. 2 days should be calculated on December's price and 2 days on January's price.
5) Prices are different also if someone stays up to 7 days, 7-13 days, 14-20 days and so on.
6) and also there are discounts sometimes(not always) premises offer like if someone stays 7 days, 1 night is free so he/she pays for 6 days.
On premises some room premises has same type of room while others may have different, I am planning to handle this via junction table. But for other issues I am really having hard time to configure.
So I hope you may give me some ideas.
Thanks in advance for your contribution

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