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Assembly of almost identical tables

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Hello everyone, I am trying to assemble two tables almost identical to each other. For example in the column of table 1 I have the following digits: 012345678 and in my table 2, this account number corresponds but it is written in a different form: 12345678 or 01234567. It is missing either the first digit or the last , but the two accounts correspond to the same thing. I would like to create a new table by assembling the two tables which automatically knows that you have to remove either the beginning or the end to match the accounts, but I do not know how to do it. Can someone help me? Thank you so much.

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How do you know that the table 2 I'd 01234567 is really 012345678? Might it be 012345679?
If digits were cutoff how can you know what the digit was?
It is relatively easy to strip leading zeros.
If the field is account number and it's a shorttext type in the query, enter the accounts like this val([account number])
This gets rid of the leading zeroes and it will convert 01234567 to 1234567. Do it on both sides and it will join on the numbers correctly. If digits have been lost, that's a different problem.
It sounds like people have possibly been converting them with leading zeros sometimes and sometimes without. It might be wise to decide to get rid of leading zeros or to put them on the numbers that don't have them. But if you use the Val function it will join your data without changing it.