Add data from unrelated table into form

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Hi, im a bit stuck as im new to learning access.

I have a basic form based on a table.

My form is a sub assembly of a Part

in the form you can add a task and minutes.


I have another table that has Rates, Labour markups etc. but not related to the Sub assembly.

I am trying to get the sub assembly form to include the Rates so it will calculate the labour costs.

But i dont want to for every new sub assembly i create have to select the labour rates, i just want it to look up the current rate from the rate table.


I hope i made sense and someone might be kind enough to help out :)


Cheers Poida

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how do you Distinguish the Current rates?
do you enter the Latest date for each rate or you use Autonumber field, the maximum autonumber is the latest rate?

create first a Query (qryLatestRate) that will return the latest Rate from rate table.

using Datefield:

select Rate from yourTable where DateField = (select top 1 max(dateField) from yourTable);

using Autonumber (say, ID)

select Rate from yourTable where DateField = (select top 1 max(id) from yourTable);

then you can use Dlookup():