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HI, I am very new to using access and i have created a report to show due today task, i need to have the same report but to show due tomorrow tasks. Can someone please tell me how to do this??? Is it as simple as changing the expression from this .... =date() to something else??? 

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=DateAdd("d", 1, Date())

@Daniel_Pineault thanks! it is now showing tomorrows but also still todays. what if i just want to show tomorrows?

Switch to SQL view and copy/paste the entire SQL statement here for us to review.

@Daniel_Pineault sorry i dont know what SQL view is ? 

@Daniel_Pineault still not getting the correct data on my report for jobs due the following day. i have used this - =DateAdd("d", 1, Date()) which has changed the date that is displayed at the top but does nit display the jobs that are assigned for tomorrow? if that makes since . iv attached a photo Capture.JPG