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Hi, I'm using Access from my Office 365 suite subscription for a club register database that's been operating and changed fine. Recently, a number of reports started failing with #name, #error. I have not changed them or the database since everything was working fine about a week ago. After a fair bit of invetigation, It seems to do with the Trim, UCase functions. Remove them and the reports work, put them back and they fail. Date function also stopped working. Been back to a few backups that were/are fine and same problem so seems to be the App rather than database. Any known issue/change from recent updates?

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@Dave_C1305 The symptoms you describe are often (but not always) caused by missing references which causes VBA not to compile. Start there.Missingreferences.png


If that is not the problem, post back.



@George Hepworth Hi George, Thank you very much for responding. 

Yes I do have a missing reference Microsoft OLE DB Provider for OLAP Services connection dialog 8.0 in MSOLUI80.DLL.

I don't know how to fix that. I have had a missing .DLL and simply copied it into my DB file directory.

@Dave_C1305 I just removed the missing reference and all seems fine. Thank yo again for your help. It is much appreciated!


Congratulations on solving the problem.


Continued success with your project.