Access: remote access, sharing, OneDrive, etc.

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I imagine the questions I have have been asked ad nauseam, but I haven't been able to find a solution, yet. So here I am.


I understand clearly that it's not a good idea to save an access back-end on OneDrive or a SharePoint library for several users because of sync issues. Is there a solution besides the local network? In my job we have all moved to OneDrive and SharePoint, and we've been informed network drives will be removed.


Any relatively easy solution? I'd rather avoid getting into Azure and developing pages to access and manage data, if I can find a solution. What about PowerApps (though I'm not familiar with them yet).


Thank you


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@Leonel GUZMAN If you move the back end from an Access accdb to a hosted SQL Server database, which could be Azure as well as one of a number of other hosting services, you can continue to use the same Access Front End. No need to create a new interface.


That DOES require some design changes in Access in some cases because there are traditional approaches in Access that don't work well in other environments. You'll also find some other modifications may be required. Overall, though, it works very well.


You can find a lot of basic information here. 

This presentation has been around for a long time, but is still relevant.

@Leonel GUZMAN PowerApps are limited in many ways. It may be that they can be useful as adjuncts to your full-feature desktop applications, especially for remote users. 

@George Hepworth Thank you!


In fact, I haven't prepared the database yet, and I have a bit of time (need it in January next year), so I'll explore using Azure.


Thank you again