Access Prompts to enter password when trying to Compact/Repair DB

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It's me again with another possible MS Access bug!


This issue: MS Access asks for my database password when I go to compact/repair.  I enter the password correctly and it doesn't take it..

What is going on!?




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When and how are you attempting to compact and repair this accdb?

Did this happen previously with the same accdb? Or was there a time when the compact and repair completed after you supplied the password?

Where is the accdb located? In a local folder or on a LAN? Is it in a Trusted Location?
Never happened before. First time seeing this. The accdb file is located locally on my PC.



You can check the list here. It is depressingly long. I am not sure I specifically see your problem there, but with so many recent bugs, it does bear thinking about.


You could try removing the password temporarily to see if the C& R completes without it. 


I'll also share this with others who might have related info.