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How do multiple users access my access file?


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It's a good thing you asked before diving in. A lot of mistakes can be made if you aren't prepared.


First, you MUST split the accdb into two accdb files. This is the only safe way to deploy the relational database application to multiple users. 


One of the accdb files will contain only the tables. This is usually referred to as a "Back End". Naming conventions also usually refer to them as "YourApplication_BE.accdb" to be clear what it is.


The other accdb file will contain all of the other objects, forms, queries, reports and VBA (or macros). This is usually referred to as a "Front End". And usually it's named "YourApplication_FE.accdb" to be clear what it is.


The tables are linked in the front end.


The back end must be placed in a folder on a network where all users have read/write/delete permissions. This is crucial to sharing. Make sure IT provides read/write/delete permissions for anyone who will use your relational database application.

Put a copy of the front end on the computer of each user. Most of the time this is a folder created specifically for that application. Check with your IT for the proper way to handle that under their policies.


When users open their copy of the Front End, they'll be working with local forms, etc. but the data will be the shared data in the linked Back End.


Whenever you update the forms, reports, etc. Replace each user's Front End with your new, updated version. The Back End stays put.

Regular, frequent backups are required for the Back End, at least daily, maybe hourly in a heavily used application. This can't be overemphasized. There is no such thing as too many backups.


There can be a lot more optional procedures such automatically deploying new FEs, but that is the minimum you need to do.



Indeed, it's a valuable suggestion. Thank you @George Hepworth