Access not finding the right Excell file to use

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I updated the Excell file that my Access estimating program uses and Access won't use it.  It automatically goes to an old file that I can't find on my computer.

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access will not open Linked excel file if it is already open externally.


Sorry but that isn't true

The screenshot shows an Excel file which was opened before it was opened as a linked Excel table in Access


In fact you can also link to an already open Excel file from Access and then open it



It is possible to edit Excel files directly in Access - see Edit Linked Excel Data from Access (

However,, the linked Excel table is of course read only in Access if it is already open in Excel.

You'll have to relink to the new Excel file in its new location and name.

How do I relink it? 


You should be able to see the linked Excel in the Navigation Pane, like this.
Use the Linked Table Manager to find the new location of the Excel file and Relink it.




If the new file also has a different name, then simply use the Link under "New Data Source" to find and link it  instead.




Thank you, George, I needed my estimating program back up bad so I ended up entering all the new data to the old file, 3 hours. I don't want to take a chance and screw things up again, a pretty good chance with my computer skills. I saved your solution so if this happens next year, I know what to do. Thanks again.
Continued success with the project.
If you have time, it might be helpful to practice linking and relinking external files a few times ahead of any repeat of the problem next year.