access listbox gridlines issue

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i am using listbox in a form.

there several issues with it.

1. properties that do not work

   Gridline style - Top, Left, etc.

   Gridline width - same as above.

   Padding style - same as above. 

   ListBox.GridlineColor  - available in vba only - has no effect.


  border color /style - when listbox is overlapping other components and you use the "bring to front"      on the listbox - the border is not drawn 

i am using the latest access 365 and run ALL updates - nothing help.


Suggestion - since we do not have in access ListView component it would be nice to add the following to the ListBox.

  - checkboxes.

  - format colors by column / row.

  - add conditional formatting.

  - tiptext for each row.

the above options will at least make it sort of an alternative.


any help is welcome.


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I don't think the styling properties have ever worked. I see the same thing. Sorry that the news isn't any better. Listbox is really due for an overhaul. Ever tried to align a column to the right?
thank you for the reply.
it worked on access 2010
I could even format columns using vba.
but that long gone apparently.
the issue is that I hate to use ocx like ListView since one of this days they will kill it.
and they never come up with an alternative.
I have been raising this issues for a decade now.
it would take them days at the most to improve a product used by millions
Maybe you can use a subform in datasheet view? Or in continuous forms view?