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Since my last windows update my inventory file will no longer work. I have had several people attempt to repair with no luck. Can anyone help me? Otherwise I will lose years of sales history and all of my currant inventory info.

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"will no longer work" is very vague and doesn't give us anything to go on. Please be more specific.
What "repair" attempts have been made? On a backup of the database, I trust.
Do other databases still work as-usual, e.g. File > New > Northwind?
Can you install the recent Windows updates?
> Can you install the recent Windows updates?
I meant: Can you UNinstall the recent Windows updates?
Or move forward with latest Windows and Office updates.

The inventory tabs on the menu screen will not launch to the file I am trying to access. Received inventory, Relived inventory, Etc, Even the close tab will not work on the main menu. The only tab working is the search by part number and at that file I can see pricing and number in stock, at that place I can change pricing but that's it. We have tried every fix that Microsoft recommended. Tried to reset but due to recent update that started the problem there were no reset points. File is backed up how ever before I knew there was a problem the backed up file is now the corrupted version. Sorry about the limited problem post, but I really do not have any computer skills which is why I allowed Microsoft support to remotely access my computer. He tried every fix that he knew and the problem is still here. As of now I am waiting to see if the person that created the inventory file has a copy or will come by to look at it, but that was back in 2007.

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From your description I gather:

1. You can start Microsoft Access.

2. You can open the application.

3. It starts as normal. the "Menu" screen is visible.

4. Some features on the menu don't work, i.e. they don't open the form they used to open.

5. You don't have a good backup.

This inventory app, what is the filename? Presumably something like "inventory.accde"?
What is your version of Access?

That is what what was happening, I thought the backup I was paying for was enough however I was able to get in touch with the person who created the file for me. He came by my office and had to rework some of the coding. From what I understand when Windows updated some of the older code in his access program is no longer being recognized. Again I know very little about computers and may have stated that wrong. I do want to say thank you for responding to my post and being willing to take your time to try and help me.
Great. Glad you got it fixed.
Note that it is REALLY important that you have the ACCDB file for your application, not just the ACCDE file. If the creator is not available, that is the one file any Access developer would need to get you back up and running. So make sure you have that file, and store it in a safe place or two.
I will ask him about this. Thank you again
I'm a bit more belligerent on this point. Don't "ask about it". Demand a copy of the original accdb, if you don't have the current version already. Put it in the safe with your gold and jewelry and other valuables. After all, without it, you could " ... lose years of sales history and all of [your] currant inventory info."
Thanks, after this experience I have decided to not only have a copy but have multiple back ups. I do appreciate the advice on the accdb file as I have no clue about the difference. I am blessed that the person who wrote the file is a personal friend and willing to fix and show me the proper backup to have. Thanks again to both of you.