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Access > Table > After Events is greyed out

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I am attempting to follow a Microsoft tutorial that is instructing me to use the Table > After Events ribbon tab. However it (along with "Properties" and "Before Events") are greyed out. When I went online to look for answers, one of the criteria was what version of Access I have. 2010, 2013, etc. However, I am using 360 which doesn't provide a clear answer to the year.  Also, I cannot upload a screenshot as the ribbon collapses when I activate a screenshot. Can anyone help me with this?

Thank you

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It should look like this:



Note the table is in Design Mode. Also it must be a local table, not a linked table.


What do you see instead?

@George Hepworth 


Thank you for your reply. I have have programmed in various environments including Excel VBA but I am a complete newbie to Access.


I used the linked table manager to confirm that my table was not a linked table and I also ran a VBA utility to check for linked tables and in both cases, my table (Parts) was not listed as a linked table.


I followed your steps below and when I did, The "Create Data macro" option was greyed out.


Some background: This particular database is linked to a manufacturing program which populates Access during a manufacturing event (Then empties it when the manufacturing event is closed).


What I am trying to do, is update a record (Field: Parts)  based on the criteria of that record. (Update a Yes/No column) For testing purposes, I am able to accomplish this via Excel by reading the table and updating it but I want to do this programmatically within Access based on a record change when the table is updated as per the manufacturing event indicated above.


My purpose in using Table Events" was to educate myself on how the process works. 


Thank you again








Two things come to mind.


Is this an mdb, and mde, acccdb or an accde file? What does it show in the file folder as the extension.

It's hard to tell from the way that screenshot is cropped. Did you open it in Datasheet view or in Design View. Assuming it's in design view, I will venture a guess that it's an mdE or accdE, which are not editable.


Given that this is apparently distributed as part of that manufacturing program, I would not be surprise to learn that it is an mdE or accdE.

@George Hepworth 




Edit: I made an description error in my previous post: I am trying to update a Yes/No Field in Table: Parts


Edit:  Also:  I am able to edit via Excel so I assume this file is is editable in Access as well


Yes, I am in design view


It is .mdb and I just now figured out how to identify the year version:


Access - 2002 - 2003 file format.


You can't really tell the file version from the "Account" info when you are using 360 which is where I normally look.


Is this version too old for the "Create Data macros" capability?


Edit: Streamline Picture of design view (parts)





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