Access developer for database to help with social isolation with Corona

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I'm a general internist in suburban Atlanta. 

Like the rest of the country, we are trying to help our community, which is struggling to deal with the CoronaVirus.  The need for social isolation can make it difficult for people, especially the elderly or those who do not have support in the community, to get necessities such as groceries or medicines.  Organizations (religious organizations, food banks and other community groups) are trying to connect those needing help and those who are willing to help them. However making and updating these connections can be a difficult operational  challenge, when those needing help and those who are able to help can change by the day.    I think that a database  which  helped connect  volunteers who are  willing to help with  those who need help could make this process easier to achieve. This might  help slow down the spread of the Coronavirus by helping the elderly, those with chronic medical problems and those infected with Coronavirus remain in their homes.

 A classmate, Dr. Scott Morris, who is also a minister founded a large nonprofit, Churchhealth in Memphis, to provide care to the indigent. After sharing my idea with him, he was interested in exploring the use such a database in his organization; he also said he could share such a database with hundreds of churches. Other physicians and people in leadership positions in local government who deal with senior services think this could be a valuable aid. 


Given the rapid spread of the virus, I would like to do this asap. My concerns would be data security, having the database be remotely accessible to people in an organization and the ability to import data from other CMR programs. It would also be helpful if members of the organization could request or offer to help online via a web page. Given this is a worldwide problem I would like to make the address fields flexible enough to be used in other countries. 


I am also talking to people in the community to try to connect with some large foundations which have the resources to construct a similar module for the most common customer relationship management  (CRM) programs in the US. The CRM program used by our synagogue (which has a database) is used at 1200 other Jewish organizations in the US. The Director of Senior Services in a local county said there were 20,000 attendees at a conference for users of their CRM software.

Such a working Access database could be used as a proof of concept when talking to foundations. 


If you are available to work on this and are interested in helping to potentially help curb the spread of the Corona virus I'd like to talk to you. Please email me with your contact information, availability, references and information regarding your experience with Access.


Thank you. 

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