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Hello! I'm asking for some guidance to creating a database that will also generate a report by employee

- Employee Information
- Product Style (include a minimum requirement)
- Production Tracking (Actual Hours Worked with calculation of any downtime, Daily Production by Employee
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Have you looked at the templates included with Access? There are some pertaining to what you're looking for.


A forum like this is a good place to get focused, specific answers to specific questions about specific tasks in the process of creating a relational database application. However, it's not a good venue for providing guidance on the entire project. Therefore, it's unlikely you'll get more than general suggestions.


That said, you'll need to start with the tables required to store the data you need.

For example, you'll need an Employee table. In it you'll create fields to store relevant attributes of people who are in the Employee role. Names (first and last) and other pertinent facts about people in the employee role.


You'll need a Product table. In it you'll create fields to store relevant attributes of products. You mention "Style" which could mean different things to different people, of course. You'll have to pin down exactly what that means in YOUR environment. You'll also need other fields for pertinent attributes of your Products.

You'll need a table for Production. It'll have fields for product produced, start and end times for a production run, etc. What those are and how you define them depends on YOUR environment and what is important to YOUR operation.


Once you have a valid table structure in place, you can turn to creating forms through which your users will interact with the data in the tables. Also, you'll be able to create reports based on that data. And you'll manage it all with code, i.e. the logic to make it work.


Templates are, indeed, a great way to get your foot in the door. Once you've identified one somewhat similar to YOUR environment and operations, you can modify it to fit your needs.


Good Luck with the project.