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Hello, I would greatly appreciate your help and insight on this item:


I have designed a database, and have created a number of forms. I have a team of staff entering data into the forms throughout the day. The information pertains to providers that work with our organizations meeting client needs. My staff need to be able to highlight/color code/Bolden the text pertaining to providers that they speak to - however, there is no generic rule that I can put in as formatting rule, I just want to be able to unlock that feature, so my staff can simply edit the text formatting whenever they need to.


Is this possible? I've only seen conditional formatting - and there is absolutely no general rule that I can apply, as the formatting my staff will use is really across a spectrum, as they call providers!


I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on this.


Thank you

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You can set the field to RTF, see

RTF is a striped down version of HTML, and if you'll like all the power that HTML has to offer then look over



Fantastic! It worked. Thank you so much!