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Accces version 2304

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With the upgrade to 2304 version, I have now a problem with the Ribbon :

When starting my application, VBA returns : runtime error 5 for the following code : 

=> MonRuban.ActivateTab "Atelier"


Is someone have the same problem with this upgrading ?

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Perhaps you can explain what that tab is supposed to do. Apparently "Atelier" translates to "Workshop" or "Studio" in English, not familiar terms, unfortunately. Is this a custom ribbon? If so, what is the tab for? If it's part of the standard ribbon, maybe a hint as to which tab it is....

Thank you for answering. Our application is running with a full custom ribbon based on an XML file starting with:
<customUI xmlns="" onLoad="RubanCharge">
<ribbon startFromScratch="true">
<tab id="Pixo" label="Pixo" >
<group id="Identification" label="Identification">
'Atelier' is a tab in the XML file:
<tab id="Atelier" label="Atelier" getVisible="Atelier_Visible">

All code in VBA and XML is running well. Since some PCs have been upgraded to Access version 2305, there is a VBA runtime error as described in my first post.
Trying to diagnose runtime errors requires a good amount of detail.

First, my original question was about the tab with this "Atelier" ID. The English translation doesn't appear to be something one usually sees in an English version of a ribbon like "Print Preview" , so I assume it is a custom function. What is it supposed to do?

Second, it's apparently happening on the getVisible callback. Do other tabs use that same callback? Do they work correctly?

And finally, the error message for Error 5. Is it "Invalid Procedure Call or Argument"? Or something else?

Remember the more details you are able to share, the more likely we are to be able to help, especially given the language difference.