An Access Database At The Front Lines of the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Like many of us in this COVID-19 era, IT Impact, a Microsoft partner located in Chicago that focuses on Microsoft Access & SQL Server consulting, led by Access MVP Juan Soto, asked themselves, “What can we do to help ─ especially given our database knowledge and expertise?”


As we know, up-to-date information at the fingertips of doctors, nurses, and staff is critical to manage any crisis. So, how did IT Impact address this question? By tracking medical supplies, such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which is essential for hospitals, testing and other medical care facilities, and then implementing a Field Hospital Inventory System. This is an easy-to-use solution that is accessible for anyone to download and consume.


Sounds like a perfect case for a Microsoft Access database ;).


Access is a rapid application development (RAD) tool that combines necessary data, forms, reports, and logic into one convenient package. And when lives are on the line, the speed of development and delivery is mission critical.




IT Impact’s free COVID-19 Supplies Tracking Access Database has many useful features, including:

  •         Pre-loaded items such as ventilators, gowns, masks, face shields, cleaning supplies, and even furniture.
  •         A user-friendly interface that does not require previous inventory management experience.
  •         Additional forms and reports to order from suppliers, update data, track inventory receipts, log issues, and report when inventory was sent out.
  •         Tracking of expiration dates, orders, inventory received, and inventory issued.
  •         Offline use, which is vital for field hospitals and locations that may not have internet access.
  •         The system will prompt the user to consume supplies using FIFO, (First In, First Out), displaying items in inventory starting with expired and oldest inventory.


We tend to lose sight of a simple fact: database solutions impact our lives in essential ways, and in the right hands, can even save our lives. Therefore, we appreciate IT Impact for using Microsoft Access to help make an impact during these challenging times, and on behalf of the Access team, we hope that you and your loved ones continue to stay safe.


For more information, please visit IT Impact’s dedicated Web site (, which includes all the contact, support, and additional context that one may need.


Thanks to the Microsoft Access team for getting the word out on this effort, we look forward to helping out organizations around the world with this free tool.


Juan Soto

Access MVP

Senior Member

i saw the slides from the DevCon (Donkarl)

YOU are doing a great job

thank you!

You can also watch the recording of Juan Soto's introduction of this project at the DevCon.



Access DevCon Vienna

New Contributor

How to create like this? Do you have any demo link??

Super Contributor

Hi @Ebo_Quansah and @Juan Soto,

I downloaded it today (german region), but my Windows 10 Home device blocked the file, because Windows Defender said, it isn't safe. Can you please review the file?



Hi Eva


The file IS SAFE but since Defender does not have a lot of experience with it, it errs on the caution of unsafe. Please proceed to use it as needed.


Juan Soto

Access MVP

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Good Day How do I access this database.
Super Contributor

@meagz87 Are you familiar with other ms access databases in the past? Describe your issue with it, send a screenshot, so maybe I can help.

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@Eva Vogel  my experience with access is limited. However I have asked our IT department to come through and assist me.  We run a clinic on a mining company and would like to use this database to track our covid-19 supplies.  But I cant seem to find where I can download a copy.  Secondly I am not sure if anyone has developed a database to track COVID-19 testing and results. But for now I would like to download and start using this database. 


Super Contributor

@meagz87 Weard: The firm whitch built that access database for download, is still alive, but my windows defender dissallowed me to download the file again. And I already deleted it. 


I recommend, that you create a SharePoint Site with e.g. 3 LIsts:

1) "Testing LIst"

2) "Testteam LIst"

3) "Tested Persons LIst"


If you already started with an Excel List, it is easy to upload these List on a SharePoint Site.

The Lists can be referred on Columns to each other with a logic structure (like Access Databases did until 2018) so that you can create Reports, e.g. with Power Automate like "Who was tested on which date with which result!"

With the lists you can have a Power Apps App for the input and output forms, shared for each team person which has to access the data online.

SharePoint in my eyes is much better than MS Access.


If you need help to create such a database with SharePoint in your MS 365 Tenant , I'll be happy to assist you to create that App. Without MS Access.








Super Contributor

@Ebo_Quansah Would'nt it be a good idea to migrate / create/ upload a Covid 19 Testing App into the Microsoft Store for free? The Windows Defender is blocking the covid19supplierdatabase and the new windows defender rules are quite enerving... Please make it free to download a covid 19 testing App. Thanks.

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