Access Releases 4 Issue Fixes in Version 2301 (Released January 26, 2023)
Published Feb 08 2023 10:07 AM 5,043 Views

Our newest round of Access bug fixes was released on January 26th. In this blog post, we highlight some of the fixed issues that our Access engineers released in the current monthly channel.  


If you see a bug that impacts you, and if you’re on the current monthly channel version 2301, you should have these fixes. Make sure you are on Access Build # 16.0.16026.20146 or greater. 


Bug Name 

Issue Fixed  

When running code requires notification, the DoCmd.TransferDatabase method will be blocked, even when a database is in a Trusted Location 

The TransferDatabase currently blocks connections to external databases if running macros requires a user to confirm that code execution is allowed.  The connection should be allowed if the database is in a Trusted Location, since no notification is required in that case, but prior to this update, the connection would still be blocked. 

When a query references a field, half-width and full-width characters are not considered equal, which can cause references to fail to resolve 

In some languages, such as Japanese, characters can be full width (e.g. テスト, or they can be half-width (e.g. テスト).  These names should be considered equal, but prior to this update, they were considered different, so a field with this name using full width characters, but references with half-width characters in a query would lead to an error. 


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