SharePoint pages and image editing updates in Office 365

At Ignite 2017, we announced the next wave of innovation coming to SharePoint pages to provide faster time to creation, enhanced control of text and images, increased promotion options, commenting and likes, and visibility on how your content is doing. You are in control of your message. Create it and get it out there to raise awareness and engagement throughout your company.


We’re pleased to share that the below features and updates are rolling out to Targeted Release Office 365 customers. Expect them to appear within the coming days and weeks. And soon, beyond Targeted Release, they release to the full production environment. You can track release progress on the public Office 365 Roadmap; note this link is filtered on “SharePoint” items.


Let’s dive into the details.


Start from existing page

Don’t start from blank! If you have a series of pages you’ve created with a similar layout and design, you can now go to an existing page and use it as a quick start to create a whole new page – but with a head start. From an existing page, click New and then select Start with a copy of this page. The service will create the new page, and you simply jump into updating with new text, images and content updates, with layout, design and common text already in place. And per user feedback, pages (and news) have an improved canvas experience when adding and managing multi-column sections – it is more discoverable where and how you add a new section or web part – with less overlap of “+” buttons.

From a page or news article, click New > "Copy of this page" to start from an existing page.From a page or news article, click New > "Copy of this page" to start from an existing page.

Make your text appear more like you like – rich text editing (RTE) updates

One of the most important aspects of any effective page or news article is the text. And setting the right context alongside the multimedia aspects you pull in. We’ve heard you loud and clear that you want to have a greater set of options to make your message stand out. Wish granted!


When you add a Text web part, the embedded rich text editor now gives you greater control for how your text appears. From the inline simple command bar, you can adjust size, bold, underline and spacing. And the real, new, magic of the Text web part lies behind the ellipses on the right side of the simple command bar. Clicking the ellipses opens a broader set of choices – showing all options in the edit pane, like font style, colors and highlights, indent, strikethrough, and the ability to create and manage tables. You, too, can add a link – which now has a page picker experience to add existing SharePoint content quickly.

You can add more color and emphasis to your text within a Text web part, including table creation and editing.You can add more color and emphasis to your text within a Text web part, including table creation and editing.

Learn more about adding text to your page with the Text web part.


Image web part now allows editing and photos from Bing

You can easily add an image to a SharePoint page or news article, and now when you do, you can further edit (crop/zoom) it inline to fit the needs of your page/news and layout. You can pull in an image from online (powered by Bing) that are tagged as Creative Common license to enhance your pages and news. Once your images are on the page, you can edit them in line with simple gestures like adjusting the ratio and cropping.

Within an Image web part, tap on the image to bring up a selection of inline image editing tools.Within an Image web part, tap on the image to bring up a selection of inline image editing tools.

Learn more about using the Image web part.


Further promote your pages and news

Beyond your core team, it’s important to then amplify and spread the word proactively about your important content. This is now a one-click action. From an existing page, click the Promote button and choose how you want to increase the reach and impact of your message. You can add a page (or news article) to the site navigation. Or post a page as news to have it automatically flow into the site’s home page, the SharePoint home news section and the SharePoint mobile app News tab. You can kick start an email to a person or group with a preview of the page and an optional message to your selected recipients. Or simply grab a link to the page. Note, the Post as News on this site button may be grayed out if the page you are wanting to promote is already a news article. Also, the first time you publish your page, you'll be prompted to help others find your page with the same promotion pane.

Clicking the Promote button at the top of the page (or news article) brings up the promotion pane to the right.Clicking the Promote button at the top of the page (or news article) brings up the promotion pane to the right.

Learn more about adding a page to a site and promoting it.


Page usage Likes, Views, Comments

Once your information is out there, you want to know how it’s doing. Like the Site usage page – which gives site owners a view on how their users are interacting within the site, we introduce a similar view on information at the individual page and news article level.


At the bottom of each SharePoint page or news article you’ll see a row of information that tells you how many people have liked your content, how many left comments and total number of views. When you hover over the liked section, you’ll see a list of colleagues who like your ideas. And when you click on comments (and you left commenting on), you’ll jump right into the section at the bottom of the page to read feedback and engage with your audience. It, too, is now possible to click the like icon on an individual comment.

Page usage information (Likes, Views and Comments) appear at the bottom of each page or news article.Page usage information (Likes, Views and Comments) appear at the bottom of each page or news article.

We are always open to feedback via UserVoice and continued dialog in the SharePoint community within the Microsoft Tech Community —and we always have an eye on tweets to @SharePoint. Let us know.


—Mark Kashman, senior product manager for the SharePoint team


Note: you can now view the full, corresponding Microsoft Ignite 2017 breakout sessions:

Occasional Visitor

Saw these bits @Ignite. I don't remember seeing the Tables but that good to see.  Looking forward to these enhancements as we build out our new company Intranet based on Communication sites and a little bit of Teams.


Nice stuff. Keep going, we like it.


What is missing is a way to embed an image within a text block. At least, make it available for an hyperlink.

Valued Contributor
Love those updates. Received everything in late December (except the page statistics) and was wondering when the release would be announced. This week we got the "Create News" button on SharePoint Home as well. Love that one too.
Frequent Contributor

These are all great updates and make it even harder to justify the costs of third-party 'customised' intranets.

Great updates. With Promote News, is there a way to demote a news to it original state if there is a problem with the content or is not ready?
Occasional Contributor

Awesome news, the new functionality in the RTE is cool. Is it possible to apply styling to the tables? It would be great if you could do something like different cell colours, banding etc. 


Hi @Benoit Fournier - I've now heard this feedback three time in the last two weeks. Adding it to my roll up feedback back to my eng peers. We support links, you can sequence Text web part > Image web part > Text web part; but I know what you'd prefer. Cheers, Mark.


Hi @Asish Padhy - we've heard this from a few early adopters, and brought it up as feedback in our pre-release sync - not a blocker for Targeted Release, and certainly one for us to consider. Thanks for articulating here. More coming for news soon, and future iterations rely on user preferences. - Mark.


Hi @James Brennan - not at this time. Tables are funny beasts, and a high-priority to get right during copy/paste & creation inline. We're focused first on formatting, mobile resilience, and edit-ability. Lists and Excel Online still might be better solutions for outcomes where column formatting or cell color variance is required. More here on column formatting for SharePoint lists: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Column-formatting-1f927342-2bed-4745-b727-ff8b7ff96b22. - Mark.


Thanks for the update.


I know we need walk before we run, but it's pretty common for web-based rich-text editors to provide some styling options (like auto-zebra banding) or an option to manually set the background color for a table cell.  The SharePoint Wiki Pages being one example...  I don't think SharePoint Lists or Excel are good options when what you're trying to do is simply present a nicely formatted table on your page.

Thanks @Mark Kashman. Another quick query on the news component, is there a way to disable the Promote News functionality?

We'd also be interested in disabling the Create News link on SharePoint home, and to either remove or reposition the News section on SP home.


I think Communications Sites are really well done, and I think it's a great service offering. But, in our company we have another platform for the Comms Sites use case, and having them around only complicates our end-users to understand and comprehend what SharePoint is and what it supposed to be used for. We want people to create O365 Group connected sites, but sometimes they click on the wrong thing in the Create Site panel (the "Team Site" nomenclature (for creating an O365 Group connected site) is also confusing because these sites aren't the "Classic" Team Sites that we've used for many years -- people know that "Team Sites" aren't O365 Group Connected.  "Group Sites" would be a so much more beneficial term for these sites.

Occasional Contributor

@Mark Kashman, thanks Mark for the response. It would be great in the next iteration if some simple styles were available for a table as a SharePoint list is going to be overkill for some quick and simple tabular information and Excel Online will make tabular data look like a spreadsheet rather than just a table of information. 

Glad to see the image web part get some love.  I had a client that really struggled with this last month and now I think they should be able to get images to look the way they want now.


Great News. Regarding promotions, I would think a rather obvious alternative should be the possibility to promote (share) a page and/or an article to a Yammer group. Will we get this feature, @Mark Kashman?

Occasional Visitor

Thanks for the tip! There are some programs that run on SharePoint to make an intranet that do drag and drop for you, enabling rich text without knowing more information: https://www.elevatepoint.com/intranet-platform/