Many of you who follow this blog know that Office 365 Secure Score is a great security analytics tool that you can access at https://securescore.office.com. However not everyone knows how to access Secure Score. Today we are making easier to discover and quickly review your security position by adding a Secure Score widget to the home page of the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center.


The widget will show your latest score and the maximum points you can obtain. To get more information about your score you can click the “Go to Secure Score” link and it will take you directly to Secure Score to review the additional details.



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Awesome, I was hoping something like this was on the cards!  This should help a lot, as Secure Score was rather hidden before unless you knew about it. 

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Is there a way to access the score of a client with the partner access to the clients tenant?

Hi Arjan,


Today the only way for a partner to get access to a clients Secure Score data is through the API (the client must grant you access though).  Secure Score currently does not support delegated admin rights, but this is on the team's radar.

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Thanks for the response Anthony Smith (A.J.), can I upvote this on uservoice or somewere else?

Hi Arjan,

I am not aware of this request being on uservoice so feel free to create an entry if you like.  I will also share your feedback directly with the team.

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Hi Team,


i wanted to know how secure score works especially on certain Review parameters as well as admin rights.

Also wanted to know how can get this score high and maintain as it keep getting decreased weeks on week.

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@Prakash Balasubramanian Why not start here if you haven't already and review the FAQ - Introducing the Office 365 Secure Score. Also, check out my guide perhaps, see if that helps at all - Office 365 Secure Score - Find and Fix Risks in Office 365.  If you have specific questions, it's worth posting them in a separate discussion here.

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Any news on when securescore will work with Delegated admin rights for partners yet?


Hi Tim,

No new news on this front but we are about to start our next round of feature planning and this is on the list of things I was planning to discuss with the team.

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Is this widget still a thing?  I dont see it listed under available widgets to add. 

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Also wondering how can a 'Security Reader' role add this widget to their https://protection.office.com/#/homepage site and then click through to see not just the score, but also drill down into the actions recommended by Microsoft.