You may be landing here on a redirect from our MSDN or TechNet blogs.  Most of the content of the Project Support blog is here now, and some of the BriSmith MSDN blog is split between this blog, or the Project and Planner blogs in this community .  If you search for the old document title you should find it - or in the migrated content we also show the original post date - which is in the full Url from MSDN/TechNet.  In the unlikely event that the content you want didn't make the journey - please leave a comment and I'll see if I can find it!

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Unfortunately, all dates are all wrong. The real publishing date is only visible once you browser to the post itself. Is it not possible to set the date of the blog post to the original date? This is an issue on many other blog categories here too. And it's quite annoying.


I totally agree @Daniel Niccoli  - my landing page post was the 'least worst' option.  The platform doesn't support a 1:1 redirect as the naming is different, and apparently they couldn't be migrated with the 'old' dates.  Having lost search relevance when moved previously from blogs.msdn.com to blogs.msdn.microsoft.com this is even worse.  The original publish date was just about showing on the post tile - but even that seems to have changed and isn't visible now.  Frustrating and annoying.  Google does however seem to be finding the new location.