Have you tried the new “Roadmap” capability in Project Online yet? We hope so!  Roadmap is available now for all Project Online Professional or Project Online Premium subscribers to visualize the status of their work. If this is the first time you’re hearing about Roadmap, go to Home, select the “Create New” menu, and get started with Roadmap today.




Quick summary of Roadmap
Roadmap gives you a visual, simple way to view status across tasks, projects, portfolios, or programs. You can see all your current projects types, such as Project Online and Azure Boards, in one place, and easily edit and filter only on the tasks, milestones, and phases you want to see. Using highly visual timelines, Roadmap can help you and other decision makers quickly understand what’s on track and what’s falling behind.

If you don’t see Roadmap in Home, ask your admin team to switch it “on,” which they can do from their Microsoft 365 admin center (see screenshot below).

Admin center.jpg
You can learn more about getting started with Roadmap here and read a short walk-through of the feature here.

The first capability of the new Project service

As the beginning of the next chapter of Project, Roadmap is the first capability to roll out for the new Project service. Initially announced at Ignite 2018 last September, Project service is being built on the Microsoft Power platform, a robust solution that combines a host of Microsoft products—Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure DevOps, Power BI, PowerApps, and Flow—into a single, data-connected solution. The new service will launch later this year.
Roadmap itself is built on Flow, which you can read more about in the “FAQ” section below.


Give us feedback
We want to hear from you to help us evolve and deliver a modern project management experience to better meet your needs. Within Roadmap, you can tell us about your experience by clicking the “Feedback” button at the bottom of the page. Or, you can also give feedback at the Project UserVoice site. Either way, let us know what you think.


Stay tuned for more Project news
We hope you’ll continue to connect with us on Tech Community and through Twitter and Facebook. There’s a lot of exciting news coming up about Project, and we want you to be the first to know. These are also great forums for you to connect with us, whether you have feedback or questions. And don’t forget to start using Roadmap today!

Q: How do I acquire and get started with Roadmap?
A: Roadmap is available for Project Online Professional and Project Online Premium subscribers only. You can find Roadmap in Home under the “Create New” menu.


Q: What do I need to run Roadmap?
A: Just your Project Online subscription. Roadmap is built natively on Microsoft Flow to connect roadmaps and their rows to existing project data from solutions like Project Online and Azure Boards.
Microsoft Flow runs are included with your Project Online subscription to directly support and run Roadmap; these runs are not intended to be used outside of this purpose. You can use the free Flow plan or purchase a Flow plan with more runs to create, manage, and run Flows, (e.g., use Project data or data from other applications to create Flow runs).

Q: Which projects can I visualize in Roadmap?
A: Currently, you can connect Roadmap to existing Project Online and Azure Boards projects.

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Will this be able to connect to SharePoint events? Most of our big milestones are published there..
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Can you print, publish to SharePoint or Export to be used in PowerPoint? 


@Deleted and @dlendry - not yet, but feel free to suggest these scenarios at microsoftproject.uservoice.com! Chris, what Sharepoint events are you talking about?