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    , 03-11-2017

    Hi so far i cannot find guidance around how to use project web app for multiple teams, each wanting/needing to manage their own projects.


    Would one normally go to Shapoint Admin and setup a new site collection with pwa for each team, or can it be done wit

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    , 03-20-2017
  •  in Project
    , 02-27-2017

    I have a MS Project task to which I want to assign both dayshift and nightshift resources.


    The project has a 24hr calender, the dayshift resource have a 6a-6p calendar, and nights use a 6p-6a calendar.  The resources are not equally staffed as there are 6

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    , 03-17-2017

    Not sure how you have the resource assigned. Do you have  the max units set correctly for each group of resources?  Are 600% of the day shift and 200% of the night shift assigned?  If I have an autoscheduled Effort Driven task and assign 600% of the Day shift and enter the 100 hours of work, the task duration is 2.08 days with 48 hours on day 1 and day 2 and then 4 hours on day 3. If I then assign 200% of the night shift, the night shift gets 25 of the 100 hours of work (25% based upon 2 out of a total of 8 resources) working.  The task duration drops to 1.56 days.

  •  in Project
    , 02-13-2017
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    , 03-13-2017

    Hi Dave,

    There is an Add-In which allows you to plan your schedule your Dynamics 365 PSA projects using the Project Professional client. Apart from that there is no built-in interface between Project Online and Dynamics 365 PSA. There are 3rd party products that can help you with this type of integration.

    Let me know if you are interested in this kind of integration.

    Kind regards,


  •  in Project
    , 03-07-2017

    Since last week we discovered that on all document libraries in the modern view, within our PWA site collection of SharePoint Online, the synchronization button is gone.


    We created a Microsoft Support ticket and they simply responded that the disabled it,

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    , 03-13-2017

    Hi Randy,

    While I'm surprised of the reply to your service ticket, this is a bug that can also be found in your O365 Admin center, see attachment.






    Title: "Sync" button not visible on Modern UI for some sites.

    User Impact: Users are unable to see the "Sync" button when using the Modern User Interface (UI) within some site templates.

    More info: This issue does not affect site templates for OneDrive for Business, Teams or Groups. While we're focused on remediation, users can switch to the Classic view UI, which is not affected by this issue.

    Current status: We're investigating an issue in which users are unable to see the "Sync" button within some sites. We're reviewing site data in order to troubleshoot the issue and to develop a plan to mitigate impact.

    Scope of impact: A few customers have reported this issue, and our analysis indicates that users accessing the affected site templates using the Modern UI may be impacted.

    Start time: Monday, February 27, 2017, at 12:00 AM UTC

    Next update by: Monday, March 13, 2017, at 9:00 PM UTC

  •  in Project
    , 03-06-2017


    I'd like to get some feedback regarding migrating Project Web Apps (PWA) from your local environments to a hosted solution and therefore a content database migration is no longer an option. In addition some departments will be migrating from Project

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    , 03-06-2017

    Daniel Christian wrote:


    So here are the questions-

    1. What's the best or recommended path for the Project Server 2010 users to migrate? Should they 1st have a local copy of their projects on their desktop/laptops, upgrade their Project Professional to 2016 and then publish it to the new Project Server 2016?
    2. Same question as above but for Project Server 2013 users.
    3. Anything that affects reporting when migrating from 2010 or 2013 to 2016?

    Hey there Chistian,

       If you are going from On-Premises to On-Premises (hosted) content database migration via 2013 is still the best option for full fidelity migration.  Any other approach will involve varying degrees of data loss.  You might want to check out Fluent Pro's community edition toolset for migrating some configuraiton elements if you are intent on migrating using the Save As function of Project Pro.


    1. Assuming you don't migrate the projects via content DB method - AFAIK Project Pro 2010 won't connect to 2016, and soon neither will Project Pro 2013.  So I think the best option will be to open extracted projects with Project Pro 2016 and save into Project Server.  Expect data loss in areas like versions, resource assignments, resource plans etc.
    2. Same answer as 1.
    3. From a reporting point of view very little has changed.  The Project Server reporting database is now in the same DB as the SharePoint content DB and just as Project Server 2016 is now 'in-the-box' as a SharePoint 2016 feature (although still licensed separately) Excel Services is not - so plan your infrastructure carefully. 


    Good luck.




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