Bring your plans to life with guests in Planner

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As all of us on the Planner team work to better understand how to create a product that encourages effective teamwork, we think a lot about what it means to work in a team. We think about the tasks and activities teams might want to accomplish. We think about how individuals within a team communicate. And most often, we think about how teams organize and track their work. Until recently, our mental model of what a "team" is revolved around 'groups of individuals within a shared organization'. This is a comfortable definition to make design decisions around, but the more we listened to Planner users and thought about what our own team looks like, the more we realized that this is not a perfect model. 


In practice, a "team" can consist of a lot of different people. One of which is individuals from outside your organization. So, we set out to make sure that teams with guests can also use Planner to get organized and reach their goals!


How does this work? What can guests do and not do? Here's a support article to learn more: Guest access in Microsoft Planner


In addition to guests being able to use Planner, we will soon be delivering the ability to add a guest from within Planner. Here's a support article that explains how this will work: Add a guest member to a plan


We hope this will help bring all of your goals, events, and ideas to life with Planner! Let us know what you think of guest access and how your team works together below!





I hope more information about manage the guests on Microsoft Planner, for security.

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Me and my associates are so excited to use this. Thank you for bringing guest access to planner Jo!!

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Planner has really made it so much easier to work on projects with people outside my company. Managing tasks is so natural and easy with guests. Thanks for making it happen team!

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Good News, i hope MS have more projects for Planner, this is a very helpful tool and integrated in our Office Pack 

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Hello  ! 


Good news ! But i can't try with Microsoft Teams. 

My guest can't open my plan in my teams. 


Do you have more informations ? Thank you

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A guest can change channel name, can create new task but cannot comment!?!?!?

It make no sense...

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Been waiting for this. Awesome update MS!!!


Congratulations Planner team on making this first important inroad into shifting mental models away from traditional organisational hierarchies to network-based team, and for granting outside team members access to Planner. This is an important first step as organisations are strategically making choices about what capabilities they will and will not develop themselves, leading them to choose to access specialist capabilities that aren't core to the organisation but which are essential to project success, externally.

Because teams are more and more composed of people from outside traditional organisational boundaries I suggest you continue evolving your mental models, and perhaps the language you use in thinking about teams.

People from outside the organisation might very well be guests from one perspective - let's call that mental model 'a' - but they are fully fledged members from a project perspective - mental model 'b'. As @Renato Pereira notes, granting them access to Planner is essential (mental model 'b') but limiting their access by specifically not giving a project owner capability to assign the same permissions as they are able to assign to an internal team member is really a decision that appears based on mental model 'a'.

To help with the evolution of you mental models, perhaps you could drop the nomenclature 'guest' and instead call all members 'members'. If it is an imperative from a technology perspective to distinguish internal from external members after they have been granted access to the project, then a symbolic attribute might prove to be just as effective.

I have created a suggestion on UserVoice here.

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This is exciting news!!!


Will the invitation email message that goes out to guests be updated so it shows information about Planner?



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Essential upgrade for ANY collaborative software. Agree with Tim Paul on the mental model and need to move to 'b' mode more appropriate for people-centric organisations and working across disciplines

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My guests are getting a  401 Unauthorized error when trying to access Planner on a Teams Tab. Is this a current issue or is it something that still needs to be developed?


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My guest cannot use the planner app to see their tasks or assign tasks to other people in my team. You guys have granted full access to the teams app for guests but not done so for the planner app. Since planner is an essential tool for Teams, this for me means this solution is incomplete. They can only work from a desktop computer when we know the importance of having mobility at the workplace. I hope you can do the same you did for the teams app for the planner app, and give this product a big boost in it's capabilities. 

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I just tried using this feature. But when adding the guest user, they still receive the email with link to conversations and the sharepoint site created for the planner. No link for the plan is provided. There is also no link in the sharepoint site to the plan either.

MSA accounts can be Guest users (Just like other B2B) but they cannot sign in to Planner?

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I'm excited for guest access to planner. However, without the ability to comment on tasks, it's complete show-stopper. Please tell me this is coming soon and was not a design decision. 

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Greater feature! Work allot with external consultants that I now can bring in to Planner. As stated earlier we really need them to be able to comment though. Being able to comment is a natural way to report on a task that is still in progress.

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It's not working for me...any thoughts?


Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 8.24.22 AM.png

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Same for me as for Elijah Purcell. However, I put in a complete emailaddress. Both single name and emailaddress did not work for me. 

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Testing this today. A few things that appear to need improvement.

1) Adding a guest from within Planner is still not working (see post from Elijah Purcell)

2) Adding a guest can be accomplished using Outlook on the Web (BTW, WHY couldn't you guys just leave it named Outlook Web App, urrrhhh!!). This is essentially adding the user to the associated SharePoint site. The email that the guest receives does not have a link to the Planner site, all links are to the SharePoint site (see post from Alberto Ovalles). This is confusing and clunky as the proper URL has to be manually constructed and re-sent in a separate email.


It's close to 6 months since these issues were first mentioned here. Joanna, what's the ETA on getting these issues resolved?