We recently rolled out changes to Outlook on the web to improve your Calendar and sign-in experiences.


Simplifying your sign-in to Outlook on the web

We’ve heard your feedback that you want an easier way to find where to sign in to Outlook, so we’re making it easier for Office 365 users to sign in to Outlook on the web by offering more options. People with an Office 365 account that use Outlook on the web can now sign in to their work or school accounts using https://www.outlook.com/

When Outlook detects it’s not an Office 365 account instead of an MSA, it will redirect them to their organization’s sign in page, pre-populate the email address they entered, and follow their current sign in process.


OWA in OLC V4.gif

Users will be redirected to their organization’s page


Improved meeting response

We are updating how Outlook handles meeting responses when a user chooses to not send a response to the meeting organizer. With this update, when a user responds to a meeting invite and chooses to not send a response or to not notify the organizer, Outlook will update the user’s response in invitee list but won’t send an email to the organizer.


If you are using the classic version of Outlook on the web, select “Do not send a response” to let the organizer know your response but to avoid sending an email to them.

Do not send a response blog 1.png

Select “Don’t send the response” if you are using the classic version


If you are using the early version of the new Outlook on the web, switch the “Notify organizer” toggle off. The organizer’s attendee list will be updated, but no email will be sent.

react oWA notfify org blog 2.png

Switch off the “Notify organizer” toggle (the toggle will turn white) in the new Outlook on the web


Note: the improved meeting response only applies when both the organizer and the invitee are Office 365 users. If you select “Do not send a response” or switch off the “Notify organizer” when responding to a non-Office 365 meeting organizer, Outlook won’t update them.


Use Teams for online meetings

As we modernize our infrastructure, we aim to give you the power of the best of Office. With that in mind we have updated the online meeting feature in the new Outlook on the web to use Teams as the default online meeting tool. This update will only be available in the new Outlook on the web if your organization has enabled Teams. If your organization is not enabled for Teams, you will continue to see the option to add Skype for Business.


Teams in OWA blog 3.png

Create a Teams meeting by switching the toggle to the right


What if not all my users are enabled for Teams?


It is also possible for organizations to enable only certain users for Teams. In those cases, the Teams-enabled users will see the option to create Teams meeting, and users who are still enabled only for Skype will only see the option to create Skype meetings.

Even if a user is not enabled for Teams, they can still join a Teams meeting from the Teams web application or by downloading the full Teams app. Similarly, if a user is no longer enabled for Skype, they can still join Skype meetings via the web application or the app.


We keep working on features based on the feedback you give us in UserVoice, so please, let us know what you think about these updates that we hope will help you stay connected and on top of things, easier.



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I tested to disable my Teams license, waited for few days. When I log into the new Outlook on the web, I still see the option to create Teams meeting (rather than the option to create Skype meetings as described in the article). Is this a bug?


We'd like to make sure that Teams-disabled users in our Org will not see the option to create Teams meeting in the new OWA. Thanks!

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I will be very pissed if this version of Outlook is enrolled for all users, w/o giving the option of the users to be able to decide whether they would like to make a Skype for Business online meeting or Microsoft Teams one.. Since we use Teams internally only, and Skype for Business with external clients. 


w/o this feature, you will kill our communication options... 




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I'd like to take the question from geminibobo a step further and clarify if this enabling of Teams in OWA is intended to be enabled for users who have Teams enabled but the meeting functionality disabled, as it seems to be "working" for us.  This would break the functionality of being able to schedule meetings in OWA from what I can tell.  

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Please share the mechanism to set Skype as the default meeting client in the tenant so it can be rolled with the Teams client and training.


Hi everybody,


Thank you for your feedback! Integrating Teams is our first step in making online meetings easy from the new Outlook on the web.


In January, we'll be releasing an update so that if you are enabled for both Skype & Teams, you'll see a dropdown to select the online meeting provider you want to use (screenshot below). If you're only enabled for Teams or only enabled for Skype, you'll continue to see the toggle that is released today.


What you'll see if you're enabled for both Skype & Teams:

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 10.09.06 AM.png

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I can't see my messages on Outlook web neither in Edge nor Chrome:



When can I use outlook.com?

Where can I find the release notes for 'Outlook one the web'?

Hi - Could you give me more detail on what notes you are looking for?


If you want the release blog with instructions on how to block the toggle - https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Outlook-Blog/An-early-version-of-the-new-Outlook-on-the-web-w...


If you want to learn about the planned features you can see our roadmap - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/roadmap?filters=


If you are an admin, you will get a Message center notification when we are about to release a new feature - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/admin/manage/message-center?view=o365-worldwide


Hope this helps!



Hi Leandro - The best way to report any issues is through the "Feedback" option inside Outlook.com, you can also go to UserVoice to leave a comment/bug.



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Hi, Gabriel. I was specifically looking for how to toggle off- that looks like you provided the link. I am grateful- Thanks!

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Hi Gabriel. I've also tested with a new O365 account which has never been enabled with Teams. However, it can still see the "Teams meeting" option in the new OWA instead of "Skype meeting" as you described in the article.


We've opened case and the MSFT support can also reproduce the issue. So here I'd like to check if you (or PG) are aware of this issue and when this can be fixed? If it takes long, we may have to take action to block the toggle for all our users. Thanks!

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Hi, Can you please improve the search result display feature?

We have archived the emails into different folders, once we do search on outlook web, we can find the emails, but we don't know where we archived the email into which folder, sometimes i will only show the folder name, we need detailed info including parent folder name, please.


Please see below example of Gsuit, it shows where we filed the email into which folder



@geminibobo - Hi! We are starting to roll out the ability for a user to select between a Skype meeting or a Teams meeting in the new Outlook on the web. You can see above Julia's comment about it.



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Hi, will the ability to "open a calendar" be available on the new version of OWA anytime soon? (ie view calendar of an O365 resource/room)?



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@Gabriel Valdez Malpartida When can we expect these features to be available to everyone? When I use https://www.outlook.com/ to sign in with my work account, I get the message that the account is invalid and I also don't see any of the new meeting response options when I am using the new Outlook …




Julia Foran - You had said on 12/10/2018: 

"In January, we'll be releasing an update so that if you are enabled for bothSkype & Teams, you'll see a dropdown to select the online meeting provider you want to use"

I checked today (2/7/2019) and I still do not have the option to create a Skype meeting (or to use Skype in any way) when trying the new Outlook.  Has this functionality been delayed?


Hi Todd, you'll need to opt in to the new Outlook (look for the toggle in the upper right) and then you should see the options.

Hi Julia, thanks for the very quick response!  I have opted-in to the new Outlook so I looked again when creating a new meeting on the calendar and YES INDEED it is there.  Apparently I just missed it the 1st time as it is now in the middle of the new event window vs in the "toolbar" or menu of the new event window.



In the "old" Outlook there is a Skype icon in the top right corner next to your name but this is missing in the new Outlook.  Will this functionality be coming back?


Hi Todd,

I believe that's in the list - you can always go suggest or vote for features at Outlook.UserVoice.com!



I have been searching the net for at least a few hours for somewhere that details new features that have been made available for "Outlook on the Web". I've found plenty of sites that detail the standard Microsoft desktop apps, but pretty much nothing about the web-based Outlook.

Please could someone be kind enough to share a link if they have one.

I would like to advise our users of when new things are available to them, but so far its not been possible.




Hi @Tony12345678  - Thanks for your feedback.

The best way to stay up to date on new features coming to Outlook on the web are by following the Outlook blog here in Tech Community and in the Message center in the admin portal in Office 365. 

If you want to know what the roadmap for Outlook on the web looks like, the Office roadmap is the best place.


Hope this helps!


Thanks Gabriel

Both sites look very useful.

Thanks again for your help.