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One of my clients would like to have an info@domain email setup.  They would like it to go into an employees inbox, and then be able to respond as the alias.  Any ideas of the best option to do this?

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Is the flow that info@domain is an alias on an employees mailbox, or it's a distribution list?
If info@domain is a distribution list, you could look at converting it to an Office 365 Group (or at least a shared mailbox) so that way it's not sitting in a user's mailbox. Then you can apply Send As rights to the mailbox and send as the info@domain address.

I assume you mean they want to create info@domain, be able to send as info@domain, and also accept responses directed to info@domain, but have the responses forwarded to the sender's mailbox.


Shared mailbox immediately comes to mind, with an Exchange level forwarder configured to forward emails sent to the shared mailbox (info@domain) to the employee's user mailbox (user@domain).


Of course you could just add a secondary alias of info@domain to the users mailbox, (directing email sent to it to their mailbox), but email will send as the user and not the secondary alias.


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have a look at this thread - you'll find there some recommendations.


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