[New!] Drag and drop conversations into groups

Ethan Li

Good news! We're currently rolling out drag and drop for messages and conversations into groups in Outlook on the web first for First Release customers, then Standard release customers.


It's much easier to explain with a GIF:



Support for Outlook 2016 for Windows is coming soon--stay tuned.


You can find the documentation here: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/24e809db-70e1-45b7-8d54-efac7951dc95

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Nice update, it will make working with groups even easier, thanks for sharing.

Took you long enough... :)


Will the right-click move/copy functionality also work, or is it strictly drag&drop? Multiple items/threads? Does everything get dumped into the Inbox/Conversations folder of the Group, or can we drop Calendar items to the Calendar? The documentation is very poor on the details... :)

@Vasil Michev:

@Vasil Michev wrote:

Will the right-click move/copy functionality also work, or is it strictly drag&drop? 

At this point, it's strictly drag and drop.


@Vasil Michev wrote:

Multiple items/threads? 

You can drag and drop one thread at a time, or up to 100 individual messages at a time.


@Vasil Michev wrote:

Does everything get dumped into the Inbox/Conversations folder of the Group, or can we drop Calendar items to the Calendar? 

Yes. While you can drag-and-drop meeting invites, it will not be added to the group calendar.

Thanks. You might want to update the article above with these.

When is this coming to Outlook Desktop? By the way, nice addition :-)

@Juan Carlos González Martín, you're not the only one looking for it--it is in fact coming!


Our engineering teams are working hard on it. I don't want to make false promises at this point, so I can't share anything more.

Thanks!! Looking forward to see this :-)

Well done!

One question though, whay is it only possible to "Reply all" and not only the sender?


When you reply to a conversation that you have drag-and-dropped, it behaves like any other email in your group's emails, which is by default, Reply all. One thing to note is that like any other email you reply to the group, the group will in the To line.

If you want to reply only to the sender, you can pop-out the email and remove undesired recipients.

"Note: If you accidentally moved the message or conversation to the wrong group, you can forward it back to yourself and then delete the message or conversation from the group."


Are there any plans for a more convenient way to handle wrongly moved messages?

When will subfolders or categorization come to Group messages/conversations?  It is nice to move a message to another group, but organizing conversations is more important to our adoption.  We have teams that handle multiple projects and it would be nice to organize those conversations by project.  Subfolders or even simply being able to apply flags/categorization to a message is one of the most requested features for Groups.

When will this begin working?  I am using the OWA to try drag and drop and the option still isn't working for me.  



We're still currently in targeted release as we were making improvements. Can you confirm that you are in targeted release? If so, send me a message and we can work with you to get it working.



I don't know that we are.  We just migrated off of a GoDaddy Tenant to a Microsoft Tenant (no more third party), some of the migration didn't go so well, was hoping to use this to move email out of local PST to a new Group that has been created.

Those who are already following the group in their inbox will not receive a copy in their inbox.

This makes sharing emails in a group kind of pointless. Can you please improve the feature to insure that those other members of the group will be able to get a copy of the email.


We need this feature to be able to collaborate on group projects. If someone receives an email from someone outside of the group, we need them to be able to move it to the group mailbox for record keeping. Everyone needs access to be able to read these emails.

Totally agree! Really looking forward to this feature (being able to have subfolders/categorization in Groups).

Vote for it here: https://office365.uservoice.com/forums/286611-office-365-groups/suggestions/16984177-allow-users-to-...

Note: Status is set to "Working on it" but the status comment refers to dragn-n-drop... and it cannot be found in the roadmap either (https://products.office.com/en-us/business/office-365-roadmap?filters=).... so I am to looking forward to more information on when this is planned for targeted release. 

Great, except it doesn't respect the permissions assigned within a groups' 'Delivery Management' section of properties in Exchange Control Panel.  Members and even Owners of a group, who do not have rights to post (are not explicitly granted right to post through being added to "Recipients > Groups > Edit Group > Delivery Management > Accept Messages From:") to a group should not be able to drag and drop messages into a group.  Period!


I've confirmed that the ability to drag and drop messages from your Inbox to a group a user doesn't have access to post into is intentional behaviour through closed Office 365 Ticket #30126-7369965 . If this continues we will have to look to move away from using Outlook Groups because it will no longer meet organizational requirements with these introduced changes.





We really need some more features to make this useful. I can not get the "select 100 messages" and drag and drop to work. First off, when you try to select several messages using control+click, it doesn't work, you can only control+click a few at a time. Second, the drag and drop doesn't work for me for multiple messages, only one by one.


Now, that just explains how the current functionality doesn't work. For future functionality, we need the following:

1. Drag and drop in outlook

2. Drag and drop all messages, not just some (I have a public folder I would like to move all the contents from but currently there is no way to do this)

I would prefer that the e-mail (and following replies) conversation was not moved or copied to the group, but "made visible" to the group.

This would also make it possible to make emails associated with multiple groups.

The current architecture of groups appears to move e-mails to a group inbox, removing it from the persons inbox, adding info on the to/copy fields etc.

Currently Hiver for Gmail is architected in this way. All emails of a company resides in the employees mailboxes. Visibility BEYOND what is seen in the to/cc/bcc fields is set by the hiver database table that holds visibility permissions. Adding a tag to an e-mail makes it visible beyond what the visibility in to/cc/bcc controls.

Groups seem to handle visibility in to/cc/bcc fields, and thus copying emails into multiple "PST" storage files. I can only Imagine this also makes a lot of unneccesary data in the server. Also search appears to be complicated by this architecture.
"Set regarding" in Dynamics CRM somehow is more like this, but only supports one association.
A problem with having "group" adresses in the to/cc/bcc fields is that people who replies to an e-mail might want to interfer by deleting that group e-mail adress to "control" whom recieves the email.

Hi, is there any update on this for Outlook 2016?

@Matthew Harahush, are you in conversation (threaded) view, or message (individual messages) view? In the conversation view, we've limited it to 1 conversation at a time.


@Johan Gustavsen, thanks for the feedback.


@Ivan Unger + @Matthew Harahush, we are still actively working on this for Outlook for Windows, stay tuned!

Hi Ethan - we are eagerly awaiting this feature for Outlook Desktop too.

Any details you have on a release date, I'd be keen to know please.

It will form an important facet of a how we want to use Groups for managing projects.

Thanks, Joe

This has now changed to "Rolling Out" from in "In Development" - @Ethan Li, how can we enable our 0365 tenant to be included in the initial rollout of this? We would be very keen to have it enabled for testing rather than waiting for it to be bundled with a quarterly update. Cheers



@Ethan Li, Do you plan to offer more than drag and drop? If we are a member of many groups (more than 25) it becomes very hard to navigate within a randomly ordered list of groups.


It would be nice to have a right-click / toolbar button to «Send/move to group» that would open a popup window to search / select the group.


3rd parties products figured that out.

Hi @Joe McGiven Corban,


in details they say rollout is Q4 2018.


Hi @Ethan Li or anyone else at MS... any news on this?! Seems to be taking a long time. Referring to this, it say August 2018. So I assume it'll be in a monthly channel release soon for O365 Pro Plus?




Really would be good to have drag and drop available for Outlook for Windows... so important. Also, the ability to create folders in 0365 Group mailboxes would be ideal too.


An update would be great... this... feature... is... taking... soooooo... long...

Is there a way to do this programmatically? Using Microsoft Graph, I don't seems to be able to copy mail to a Office 365 Groups.

Hi @Ethan Li or anyone else at Microsoft - how come the release date for this has been blown out to Q2 in 2020...??!! That is so long away. Is this wrong? That's what it says here on 17th September 2018, but could it just be a bit typo? We really could use this functionality, it's a shame it's taking so long...



Is this feature still planned to be launched on Outlok 2016 Win?



We need this functionality now. It should have been released when the groups were released.

@Joe McGiven Corban I'm with you on this point, we really need drag & drop in Groups for Outlook Desktop as soon as possible !


@Ethan Li. without this feature, we will need to go with a 3rd party app, which will cost us a lot of money just for this feature ... Please keep us posted about all this !


Goodness, my client can't SHOUT loud enough for this feature in Outlook. They work 99% in the desktop client and rarely use OWA. I've got monthly (targeted) on my test VM and it's not in there either. Insider channel maybe? Come on Microsoft, we're screaming for this.

@Ethan Li posted this over a year ago now.


Sure.... the Drag and Drop for Web works fine... but if you're in the Office, of course you would rather use Outlook for Windows... it's a much richer experience. Yet being on Office 365 Pro Plus Monthly Channel and Office 365 Targeted Release for Web... there is still no progress on this.


The Roadmap item keeps getting pushed out, and no one at Microsoft seems to know what's going on (....and although it was great that @Ethan Li to provide details on this originally, he has gone dead quiet on this feature of late). 


.........what's happening Microsoft?

I second that!

What is happening with this one, it has been on "rolling out" on your roadmap since forewer...

What does status "Rollout out" mean on the roadmap? I've got monthly targeted on my dev VM and it's not got this feature yet as we're >Q3 now.



You stated that it is possible to drag and drop up to 100 individual messages at a time.  Recently, it appears that this functionality has been removed as we can only now drag one at a time.  Any insights?

Hi guys,


I just checked for an update. So the original roadmap item has been canceled and moved to another one with ETA Q4 2019. That means we have to wait another year :) I would like to suggest to support the effort to promote folders creation option as well, because without folders it is useless anyhow. As of now I believe it is top 3rd rated feature in UserVoice.


See more here here.


Cheers Tomas


Wow, that is far too long. This feature is critical for our teams adoption for Office 365.
Same here - it is simply not acceptable to tell users to "Use the web interface". I really do support Microsoft (have for 30+ years) but sometimes I see "New features" appearing in Office and my response is "Stop adding features very few need/want and fix the obvious faults & omissions in the existing code" :-( This is the single top wanted feature by my main client.
>promote folders creation option as well,

Do you mean so you can categorise Office 365 groups together? If so then yes, big thumbs up. My main client now has 400+ Office 365 groups and the list is unmanageable. Why so many? Because each project gets it's own group and they work on a lot of projects which sometimes last just six months.

Hi Everyone - we all agree that it sucks that we have to wait so long for this what should be a "basic" feature.


We just want basic drag and drop for now, and if they are developing more wondrous wizardry around this feature then it could wait (Agile, Microsoft.... Agile!)


Anyway... that said, if we have to wait until Q4 2019, can people advise what processes they have put in place to move emails in a user mailbox to an O365 mailbox? Do you encourage drag and drop of 1 email via web client? CC in the Group mailbox? Use 3rd party apps to save the the emails into SharePoint libraries (.....*gulp*)


If anyone has any training or "how to" guides or experience they would like to share, this collateral would be most appreciated.



Hi Joe. The guide I've shared with my team is this one https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Drag-messages-from-your-personal-mailbox-to-the-group-mailb...

I agree, we can't wait until the end of the year to have this resolved. Folders/subfolders, flags, and labels are a must as well.

Also awaiting this to come to Outlook Desktop.  Please advise when this feature will be added?

Hi @Ethan Li, any word on when this feature will finally be complete, and when we can start using it inside of Outlook on the desktop? We also desperately need to be able to move more than 1 conversation at a time.

@Ethan Li 

You say this works for 1 conversation or 100 messages, that does not appear to be the case. It only appears to allow 1 conversation at a time?

@Joe McGiven Corban Thank you for your feedback. My name is Sri and I wanted to provide a quick update on the latest target timeline for shipping Drag and Drop on Outlook for Windows. We are currently internally testing Drag and Drop (on Win32 Outlook client) and are looking to release the feature to monthly/current channel customers by end of Q3, 2019. Other channel updates will follow. We totally understand the frustration caused by the delay and appreciate your patience on this. We will keep you posted on further updates.  



@Sri Ramya Mallipudi Thanks for the feedback Sri. This is the first update we have had in a long time, particularly for such a critical feature. Does this testing include selecting multiple conversations and emails at once when drag/dropping? Moving one at a time is extremely frustrating for our users.