As a marketer, you need to collaborate with a diverse group of people from across the company to develop messaging, launch products, and execute successful events. Teams provides a shared workspace to bring together all of these people along with the conversations, files and services your team needs to efficiently coordinate a marketing campaign, manage social channels, collaborate on content and plan events. Connecting with project management tools like Wrike to track progress on each of these activities helps you to keep everyone informed and projects on track.


Wrike for Microsoft Teams enables teams to transform conversations into structured work, as well as manage and collaborate on Wrike projects and tasks right in Microsoft Teams, ensuring they can perform their best and accomplish more.


Say you’re collaborating with a team on a go-to-market plan for a new product. Use Wrike to track all of the tasks associated with the project to bring visibility and transparency on deliverables and owners. Add that project as a tab in your Go to Market channel to track progress in the context of the rest of your planning work. Since the tab appears just as it would in Wrike you are able to make updates to status, owners, due dates and more without switching back and forth between apps.


Wrike Project.pngAdd any Wrike project as a tab in a Teams channel

You can also easily search for a specific task and add a preview right into a message without the need to grab a screenshot or search for a link, driving more productive conversations with your team.


Wrike Tasks.pngSearch for Wrike tasks right from the compose box

Wrike Previews.pngAdd Wrike task previews to messages

If you’re like most marketers, you’re likely working on more than one project at a time – for example a product launch, company event, or paid media campaign. With the personal view of Wrike in Teams, it’s easy to stay on top of all of your tasks from these projects in one place, right in Teams.


Wrike Personal View.pngSee all your tasks with Wrike’s personal view

Get started with Wrike for Teams today to transform your marketing conversations into structured work.


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Whenever I try & use wrike from the dialog box, in teams or chat, nothing will pop up. Wrike works everywhere else? Anyone have a solve? Capture.JPG