The MailClark Integration for Microsoft Teams is ready out of the box. MailClark lets you collectively manage every external message (email, social media, live chat) in the only place where all your team already works.



Get the app here: MailClark for Microsoft Teams




MailClark will let you connect your external messages using their Microsoft Teams Bot and Tabs. You can easily set up your account by just at mentioning the bot.





You can also do the configuration of your account from the Adapters Tab. MailClark supports configuration of incoming messages in several platforms:




MailClark is free out of the box, up to 100 messages. Please check their subscription model if you would need more. 



Bring external communications to Microsoft Teams

Simply hit ‘Reply’ below an email or message to answer it. And everybody in the channel will automatically see the message and your reply.






Collectively manage emails & messages

Mentions, internal-only comments, collision detection, extensive search, reminders & lots of integrations—handling your company’s emails and messages has never been easier.





Used by all teams: customer support, IT, sales

MailClark is a fully-featured bot. You can host the help desk of your Customer Support team, create a team inbox for your Sales or Marketing team, set up an email group for clients or colleagues, receive alerts or newsletters & more.




 Ready to get started? Add MailClark to Microsoft Teams today!

 Get the app here: MailClark for Microsoft Teams

Regular Contributor

So this would connect to a Group email address? For example, we get invoices from external vendors in an AP@companyname.com email address which is set up as an Outlook Group.


So we'd be able to get that inside of teams, files included? Or is this for individual email addresses?


This works with any external/internal email address! Right now it supports IMAP, Office 365 Mail and Gmail. Please give it a try and send us feedback, thanks!


Is that 100 free messages per day, week, month, lifetime?  This might be an answer to a few projects we have.



NVM:   I went to the support page and found 100/m I assume that is Months and not minutes

Occasional Visitor

Indeed, the free plan offers 100 messages per month

Occasional Contributor

I'm having trouble connecting accounts. I get all the way to the channel selection but the pull down menu is empty and I cannot continue. It's the same result for all adapters.

Occasional Visitor

Hi Ben,
Have you followed the steps listed in article? => https://mailclark.ai/help/article/5nksjrc9h4
If you did and still can’t connect an account, could you send an email at support@mailclark.ai please, specifying your Teams account, so we’ll have a deeper look at it ?
Thanks a lot

Occasional Contributor

Walked through the issues with support and were able to resolve the issue. I like the mail flow options and prompts and see how this would benefit teams with a shared mailbox address.