We are excited to announce a new POPin integration for Microsoft Teams! Now, you can connect with your team even easier by leveraging POPin’s full capabilities right inside Microsoft Teams. POPin replaces the traditional survey with an anonymous, single, focused “crowdsourced” question to get honest feedback and immediate, actionable results. With POPin, your team can anonymously answer questions and interact with teammates’ answers using votes and comments.


Find the PopIn App in our App Store!


Quick Installation


The first step would be to find the POPin Team's App in the Store and select the team where you want to install the app:





Easy Question Launch


Once the app has been installed in a Team, you can ask a question in your channel by typing
@POPin and choosing a question type, open-ended, rating (1-5) or yes/no.





 Once the PopIn has been created, the different users in the Channel can interact and provide suggestions, comments or even vote.




You could also use the POPin bot as your personal assistant to launch a more customized question set.





Have an Honest Conversation

Use the POPin channel tab to engage further with your POPin results. Read the anonymous responses your team has put into your question. Like or dislike responses in your session, comment on responses to provide further context or to enrich the conversation.
POPin creators can comment under their name to respond to questions or add answers in order to provide clarity and add legitimacy to their answers.
You can also leverage the POPin tab to have a conversation about your results with your team.





Clear, Prioritized Results

POPin will create an easy-to-read report of your POPin that you can access both during and after your session. Get a feel for participation and a prioritized list of answers to make the voice of the majority clear and concise.





Ready to get started?

POPin for Microsoft Teams


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Do you know if we need any license from POPin, to install and use POPin for MS Teams?

Thanks, Michael.


Hi @Mikhail Sedenkov! You don't need any license to use POPin in MS Teams - you can just go to the Store and install the app. Cheers!

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Hi is Popin an alternative to MS Forms ? When would you use Forms over Popin ?

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how do I remove popin from teams ?

@Deleted, PopIn is not just a survey tool, but a crowdsourcing product to foster collaboration and get immediate critical feedback. PopIn certainly covers some scenarios around polling, but goes beyond that.


@Mark Lynch, you can remove any app by going to Manage-Team -> Apps.

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@Julian Morelli many thanks
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Update: Nevermind. Just saw it works from the + command like any extension.


I can't see how to install a popn tab. One of the setup options was about this but I can't seem to get back there (setting up the bot took me away from that setup screen). It's not an option in Manage. Anyone?

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@Julian Morelli Is there a way to have the responses to a survey with the names? I'm asking because it helps to use the yes/no questions for a standard set of daily status updates within my team. Sort of like a common ToDo list for the team that they need to sign off on a daily basis. Without having the names in the responses its hard to tell who completed and who didnt.