Karmabot was the first on the list of in-chat tools


Karmabot just launched their new application in Microsoft Teams. 


It's a simple and yet very powerful solution allows business owners to track performance, reward excellence and plan for the future. It will let you explore the frontiers while building stronger, happier teams in chats.


Karmabot is now officially in Microsoft Teams



 Karmabot features and terms



Teammates can now reward each other with karma points.




Based on the descriptions provided on each karma request, Karmabot builds comprehensive and sophisticated user profiles detailing the strengths of each member. This is a great way to build on top of your organization’s culture.




Bonus system

Karma points can be converted into a monetary bonus or specific rewards. Each team member gets a share of the bonus based on the karma percentage earned.






The dashboard helps to stay on top of your team activity by visualizing the stats. You can also see the team member composition and the latest karmas.





Adding Karmabot to Microsoft Teams


  1. Follow this link to log into your Microsoft Teams account and install Karmabot.
  2. Pick the team you wish Karmabot to join.
  3. Install Karmabot.





Why Karmabot?





Karmabot provides team members with the tools they need to address their weaknesses and provides the team leaders with actionable HR insights, introducing a healthy competition that fosters effectiveness.






Ready to feel the pulse of your team?


Add Karmabot to Microsoft Teams

Learn more about Karmabot for Microsoft Teams



New Contributor

Is this essentially Microsoft's version of the Reddit Karma system?


It's a 3P App @Herbie D

Trusted Contributor

Yeah @Herbie D this is a third party app, I think that could have been made a bit clearer, I started discussing this and didn't pick that up straight away.  Anyway, it's priced $1 per user per month and is free for small teams (10 users or less).

Occasional Contributor

Hi Team, I'm unable to install this plug-in and getting in stuck in the following screenshot. Any feedback is much appreciated. Thank you.


Karmabot Install Hangs.jpg