We are proud to announce the launch of the third party app Jira Cloud Bot integration for Microsoft Teams. Jira is built for every member of your software team to plan, track, and release great software. Jira Cloud bot enables team members to easily find issues, assign them to team members, make edits, log time against an issue, watch/unwatch and vote/unvote on the issue.


You can start the conversation by mentioning Jira Cloud bot in the channel scope. In personal scope you do not need to mention the bot. You can start by searching for the work item using keywords or mentioning the direct action (ex: log) for the work item. From search results, selecting the work item you were looking for will open an actionable card which provides a quick summary of the along with several actionable options like assign, log work, watch etc. Edits made to the work item will refresh the work item card in its place. For example, If you update the priority from low to medium, work item card will refresh in place to who new priority.




Jira Cloud Tab Updates

Jira Cloud Tab has also been updated in this release.


Jira Cloud personal tab or channel tab gives you access to all your work items in Teams itself – items assigned to you, reported by you as well as access to your customized filters. In personal tab, you can also filter on work items based on their status.


‘Create Issue’ functionality allows you to create a Jira work item from Teams itself. You can choose the project and work item type that you want to create and provide additional details (Summary, Description, Assigned To). Jira Cloud tab gets refreshed in place to show your work item in the list.


Clicking on a work item will open the description view that provides additional details about the work item like status, priority etc. at the same time enables you to change summary, description, Assignee, Status, Priority. You also have an option to comment on the work item from description view.  


Jira Create_Small.gif


Jira Cloud Bot and Jira Cloud Tab for Microsoft Teams are available for download in Teams AppStore. Details for purchasing and licensing Jira can be found here

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Got me all excited, except the title should actually be: "New! Jira Cloud Bot for Microsoft Teams". No love for on premises JIRA.

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It would be nice for the on-premise version to get some love, too. In fact, sometimes it looks like Atlassian is slightly ambivalent what their roadmap is for either. Cloud does a bunch of things on-premise doesn't do. The on-premise is there because they have a lot of customers who, well, want on-premise. Yet the JIRA mobile apps ignore on-premise completely. This one ignores on-premise completely as well.

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@Doug Haws- I tested this latest connector with Jira OnPremise.   The answer is outbound (from Jira) notifications work.  So, you add the app to teams, and go into jira settings, webhooks and add the URL.   Now when you create an issue in jira - it can send that to the team.  The team can hit the view jira button and it will open it in jira.

The issue - all the cool stuff - clicking the little jira button under the chat box - doesn't work.  That part is coded to require logging into a cloud instance - and you're right leaves us all high and dry especially considering that Atlassian and Slack announced a partnership to develop tighter integration.  

If only VSTS was halfway as cool (and useful to the entire org) as Jira is.


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I am currently consulting for an investment management company in the UK and they have an on premise instance of Jira, whilst they are moving to Teams, not being able to integrate with a private hosted Jira is a blocker and they may move to Slack if its not forthcoming.



Thank you for your feedback. I will reach out to our engineering teams to find out the if there is a plan for supporting on-prem instance of Jira and what is the timeline. 

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so, this does not show up in the store - how come?

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When I try to connect my own test tenant, once the Jira bot is installed in Teams and I then click the Authorize in Jira, it goes to a dead link?



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It does not seem to be available on store for me? I am using MS Teams free version.



The Jira Bot that seems to be available behaves very differently than what is in the gif. The only feature that it supports is searching through the tickets. It also does not have any of the buttons on the tickets that it does link.


Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 5.06.55 PM.png

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@Mark Jones I think you need the app installed on jira too. I had the same problem and after some trial and error it seems to be working now.





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@Wesley MorrisThat's not correct.  On Jira's end you only need Webhooks setup.  There is a paid app available for Jira in its marketplace that helps create webhooks, but any Jira administrator can create a webhook.


Thank you all for your feedback!


We are actively investigating supporting Jira on-premise on Teams. Do not have timelines at this point to share.


@Talha Ahmed We enabled Jira Cloud on Teams Free version this week. If you don't see it in store, please restart your Teams client. Thanks!

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Hi @Harrison Heck,

It looks like you are referring to Messaging Extension in your screenshot. This has different functionality than the Bot.

In order to start private chat with Bot, you need to call it from the left-side menu, as shown below:



It should be displayed in your contact list afterwards so that you can start dialog.

@Pavlo Doichyk Thanks for the info. It seems like bad UX that half the features are only available when chatting with the bot directly, instead of in the public channels.

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jira bot error.PNG

Create feature does not work, does not bring up the dialog box.  Any ideas?

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Hi @Harrison Heck,

Basically, you may use the functionality of the bot in the public teams channel simply by calling the bot with "@" symbol. Just start from "@jira cloud" following the command for the bot, and everyone in your channel will see your dialog with the bot.



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How am I supposed to install the Jira bot for teams? I can't find it anywhere in the store.

Can someone please send over a link?



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Hi @Fabrizio Picca,

You should be able to install it within your Teams interface, from Store menu. Please, check the picture below:



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Hello @Pavlo Doichyk,

unfortunately I don't have the option the Store menu. Maybe is restricted for my country ?

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Hi @Fabrizio Picca,

I think you might have a guest access to your Teams. You won't be able to add bots or tabs with guest access https://docs.microsoft.com/da-dk/microsoftteams/guest-experience.

I assume your Teams admin should be able to set up a member access for you.






What is the default jira screen that use this integration when you open a ticket?

I great to have visibility of all tickets for area as resume after create a custom filter in Jira!!! Well done


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I need to add my vote for Jira Server support.

We have over 140K employees with lots of proprietary hardware and software development going on using Jira. All of our Jira usage relies on on-prem installations of Jira. I would think many other large customers with confidential product development and project planning information might have resistance to having that information in the cloud. Why would a local URL to a Jira server host be handled differently than one to Atlassian's cloud servers?

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I would also like to add my vote for JIRA Server on-premises support. Is there somewhere more official where we could vote on this feature, like UserVoice?

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@Gordon Tyler yes easy to google “microsoft teams uservoice” then search fir “Jira” and you get:



for the record l posted the 4th vote there 


Thank you for providing your feedback! We are actively investigating on what it takes to bring server support to Microsoft Teams. 

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Any time-line for the Server Support for JIRA?  


Don't have anything to share at this point from timeline perspective. Thanks!

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How about commenting directly from teams, but in the same line you invoke the bot, so you´d have the comment on Jira and also on Teams. We´re using Jira + Teams in an OPs team, and it is usefull to have the comments of certain diagnostics of emergency issues in both . ie: @jira comment XXX-123 "this comment stays in Jira as a comment, and also anyone can read it right here from Teams and get notified if subscribed".
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Where can I report a bug for this bot? We've noticed that the @Jira Cloud XXX-XXXX command to display the details of the issue does not work if the project ID contains a number - for example XX1-123 results in the bot responding with Sorry, I didn't understand 'XX1-123'. Type help to explore commands.


We are an 8000 user org using Jira Server version.  I'm also casting my vote for the Server version!


@Earl Zirkle We've already released V1 of Jira Server integration in Teams. Please take a look at Jira Server V1 on Teams integration article.

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How can I change the number of issues that are displayed? Currently I can see only 20.