We are getting into full swing with our Office 365 Champions program.  This free program is designed to help anyone - business user, IT Pro or the "accidental developer" - get the most from Office 365.  Our monthly community calls, beginning October 17th at 8am and 5pm Pacific time, will proide a variety of education to our participants like:


Preview of our enhanced Office 365 Adoption kit with our Teams adoption module

Speakers from customers like you discussing use cases and best practices

Implementation guidance from Microsoft's product leaders

Early access to tools and accelerators to help you land the value of Office 365

Special topics like the transition from Skype for Business to Teams, implementing a modern intranet or getting started with Live Events for employee engagement.


We'll take feedback from all of you on what you'd like to hear about next and do our best to build your skills in driving adoption and business transformation, no matter what your company size or scenario.  If you haven't signed up yet. join us at https://aka.ms/O365Champions or in the Driving Adoption forum here on the Tech Community!


For me. after more than a decade in the Microsoft community space, I'm realizing a dream to be able to guide this community on your behalf.  I hope to see you at our meetings or in our forum soon!


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Hi @Karuana Gatimu ,


Great news :)

No France in country list ? is this an issue to join the Program ?



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I missed this but saw it today in a Collab365 email, was it recorded so i can watch it afterwards?


Hi there.. yes there are some missing countries in the program drop down that we are working to fix.  Also @Luna Jernberg you haven't missed it yet... it's on October 17th.

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Mistake on the date in the original post! As per Karuana's later message, it's the 17th and not the 7th!

@Karuana Gatimu wrote:

Our monthly community calls, beginning October 7th at 8am and 5pm Pacific time...

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I joined the group a while ago, but haven't received any follow up. Is there a particular site we're supposed to visit? What's next after joining the group?






HI @Michael Gendreau - You should have access to our Champions Corner in the Driving Adoption community here on the Tech Community.  That is our central place to discuss adoption and share resources.   On October 17th we'll have a community call. There will be materials we'll be sharing which we will also post there.  Next we'll be asking members to contribute topic requests for future agendas and we have a series of educational content about best practices for driving adoption based on the framework we shared at Ignite and will share in our community call on 10/17.  SO, there'll be plenty to do.  Just stay tuned in the Champions Corner forum which you get access to after you've signed up for the program. 

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Can you provide the Invite, Which can be added to the  our calendar

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I wanted to join but my country "Pakistan" is not listed. What to do?



I wanted to join but Nigeria is not listed ,  Wanted to know when Nigeria will be listed? 

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Hey everyone,

Germany is also missing.

Is it OK to select a country next to it and change it afterwards, so that I just complete the registration?


how do we join? 


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Missed this live was it recorded?

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Is there a standing calendar instance for the community calls that can be downloaded and added to a personal calendar? I see that this is intended to be a monthly call but don't see where I can access the calendar invite to block my calendar for that slot.

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Has a date been set for the November call? Thanks!

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When is the next call? The first one was great!


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Here is the link for the November Call: http://aka.ms/O365ChampsCallPM missed the one in October 2018 however, was there any recording?

Going to be 2 calls in December 19-20th December aswell, and then one every third Wednesday during January-June 2019