Microsoft Teams Rooms update has been available since earlier this week (as noted previously, we first release to 10% of devices and then increase coverage to 100% in the following days).  Current coverage as of April 10th is 10%. [April 15th Update: is now available to 100% of devices.] [April 21st Update: For those IT Managers creating device images, MSI is now available when you run the CreateSRSMedia script.]


This update fixes an issue with the "give feedback" feature that had been reported in a couple of scenarios. also includes optimizations in preparation for the forthcoming MTR device upgrade to Windows 10 Version 1809 (we're working on confirming a release date - thanks again for everyone's patience - we're eager to get the OS upgrade released, too!).


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Thanks for this @David Groom.  I'll check if mine gets the upgrade in a couple of days when I'm back home.  Are there any new features in 85?  Is that the only thing fixed?  Any update on Bluetooth Beaconing support for the Teams client to work with the feature in MTR?

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@Randy Chapman  no new features. proximity join is coming to Teams desktop and mobile in "about two weeks".  Its making its way through our rings. Sorry I can't be more precise. 

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Lots of email blasts saying Teams is ready for you today


I guess not yet :(


We'e a small Office 365 tenant <6 users with Skype or Business telephony 


When can we plan on replacing SfB with Teams - the Legacy admin portal is the only way to administer oor VOIP needs


Still waiting for a real useable release :(


Regards, Gary

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Can you provide insight to resolution on the following long standing issues? Both impact user experience significantly, and in many cases result in the inability to use the rooms as intended.


1. The dial-pad doesn't pop up when dialing from a Teams Room.  This is especially a problem when we have a need to interact with a 3rd party phone system.


2. The keyboard will often not pop up when trying to invite people to a meeting from Teams Room.


We're using the Microsoft TR image on Surface Pro 4s in Logitech SmartDocks.


@Gary Bauer you are using Skype for Business cloud PBX and PSTN?  Right now you can use all the same CLoub PBX and PSTN capabilities with Microsoft Teams, but as you say a few things are still administered through the older SfBO admin center.  The SfBO admin center is of course still important for admins on SfBO.  For Teams admins, we are in process of moving all admin functions over to the Teams admin center as soon as possible. We will provide updates on this progress quarterly.  




@jbush82 what app version are you using, and on what Windows version?

We have only seen the on screen keyboard issue on Windows RS5 / 1809, which is why we have not supported it so far.

We do support DTMF dialing on systems set as Teams default since our last (prior to this) app version. However, DTMF is ONLY supported in calls and NOT Teams Meetings. So if you start a Teams Meeting and then try to do DTMF we won't show the dialpad. The reason is that we do not support DTMF tones in meetings at all, so we hide the dialpad to avoid confusion. We don't support DTMF in meetings for privacy,since everyone on the meeting could hear (and record) the dial tones; someone could (as an extreme case) record your private conferencing PIN, or other private DTMF code. 

We are looking again at how we could support DTMF in meetings, with appropriate privacy, but its a complex problem and we don't have a timeline right now.

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I understand my "Use Case" is not the focus of Teams.


Just looking for an integrated replacment for SfB.


IF Win10 / Teams could be configured to "hook" into 

SfB protocols.png

or replace the lync15 protocol to allow "click to dial" within CRM Dynamics records (or any where phone numbers are linked) that would almost make Teams a seamless replacement for SfB


@Gary Bauer Actually Microsoft Teams already supports being a calling / dialing provider for Windows. That is how my PC is configured; if I click on a phone number anywhere, it is dialed in Teams.

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We use SfB cloud PBX and PSTN - part of Office 365.

Windows 1803 Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 4/10/19.


If I click on a  phone number link - Teams should open and dial the number



@Gary Bauer look for this setting in Windows 10 Settings:


Also tagging @Jamie Stark on the questions above about the Teams admin center.



@Gary Bauer - There are also settings for Call to and Sip in addition to Tel where you can make Microsoft Teams as default protocol handler. 



@Gary Bauer As far as the Teams Admin Center goes, try accessing it here: https://aka.ms/TeamsAdminCenter.  You also may have recieved message center notifications as well with additional guidance recently.  The subject will likely be this: "Microsoft Teams is ready for your organization - you can begin your upgrade today"


@Gary Bauer I look after Teams admin center in the Teams engineering org.  Ilya's summary above is spot on.  Right now we are working on bringing the telephone number management scenarios into Teams admin center.  While this still works with the legacy SFB Online admin center we absolutely want to get this capability operating in the Teams admin center.  Don't have any timing to announce at the moment but the work is actively underway.

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@Ilya Bukshteyn That was too easy. 

Now I'll try it out for a while and let you know.





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@Ilya Bukshteyn,

Well, still some cosmetic (mostly) issues.


SfB allows a secondary ringer in addiiton to Headset. This helps when user is away from desk and they will hear incoming call without having to wear headset continuously.


As mentioned elsewhere. We need a mini teams window (pop-out?) when calling.


or maybe bigger desks to house 3 monitors HaHa.


@Gary Bauer We are working on secondary ringer for Teams as we speak.   Hope to get that delivered in the next quarter or so.


FYI... is now available to 100% of devices as of April 15th.

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I see there is a new setting....Automatic Password Rotation and it is set to 'Off'.  Is this documented somewhere?  How is it enabled?


the setting for Automatic Password rotation is a read only setting showing the state of that feature. The actual setting has to be done via XML. The feature is only in TAP right now. @Sohail Tariq can add more on plans for documentation when released.

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Are there any details, bug fixes that could be provided for the latest build.  We have recently been having issues with v4.0.78 where the SmartDock becomes unresponsive after 30 minutes of a meeting.  Here are some additional details.  We have four different conference rooms connecting onto one Skype meeting.  All conference rooms have video enabled and one of them is also share content.  The conference room that is sharing content and video  begins to sound choppy, the smartdock goes unresponsive and crashes.  Any assistance or information would be greatly appreciated.  

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@David23501 , we had similar issues with Lenovo Hub 500 devices, this was resolved by the latest Intel video drivers and the following registry fix:

Go to regedit

Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers

Add > new DWORD

Name of DWORD: DisableSecondaryIFlipSupport

Value of DWORD: 1

Restart the system.


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@David Groom , when will 4.0.85 source be available for download (https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=851168)? You know I always raise this question :))


@Pavel Aivazov - MSI is now available when you run the CreateSRSMedia script (and from the FW link that you mention above).

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thanks @David Groom , appreciate prompt update!


We've seen a lot of instability as well, but with the HP Slice units.  Video will cut out, the app crashes, etc, right around that 30-40 min mark as well.  Haven't had enough time to test with the new build yet though.  We've been able to pull diag dumps when a crash occurs, but at least up to this point.....premier support hasn't been able to help.




@Dustin Halvorson we have a few bug reports we are investigation but nothing like what you're describing.  @Sohail Tariq  can you please follow up and see if we can get logs?  Thanks!!


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@Ilya Bukshteyn , I can also confirm that we had sporadic SRS Application crashes on 4.0.31 version. We upgrading to 4.0.85 now and will keep monitoring app crashes


@Dustin Halvorson , send you private message about crashes. @Pavel Aivazov - After updating to, if you are still seeing crashes please open support ticket (with logs attached) and also contact me via pm.