Microsoft Teams is your hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365 and is the simple way to create and share diagrams in your favorite browser. Until now, there was no easy way to collaborate on your Visio files inside Teams. Today that is changing! You can now view, edit, and collaborate on your Visio diagrams from inside Teams. Together, Visio and Teams can help you coordinate on diagrams more efficiently by keeping all Visio files and colleague feedback in one place.

All Team sites come with a dedicated file library for storing all your workgroup’s content. You can now upload Visio files to this library from your desktop or preferred cloud storage site, like This way, all your team’s assets are in one place for anyone with the right permissions to access as needed. And like with other stored files, you can link to Visio diagrams directly from team conversations.




Edit diagrams directly in Teams


Teams is more than just a file repository, though. Thanks to editing capabilities through Office Online, you can make changes to your Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files directly within Teams. We’ve extended these editing capabilities to Visio files, enabling you to make simple changes to your diagrams without leaving the Teams app. You also have the option to edit diagrams in Visio Online or in Visio itself for more robust editing features. Team members will see all your latest changes the moment they refresh the diagram.




Provide diagram feedback in


Team members can work together on diagrams through in-app conversations to provide feedback in real time. Conversations are specific to the diagram you’re working on and appear the moment you submit them. You can also link to other files and use @mentions to get the attention of individual team members. Plus, your diagram comments show up in the team’s overall Conversations tab, along with feedback from all other stored files, giving a single view of all conversations across assets. Responses to a comment in the Conversations tab also appear in the diagram’s dedicated conversations pane.




Do more with Visio Online


Viewing diagrams within Teams is free for most Office 365 customers, but editing is only available for those with a Visio Online Plan 1 or Plan 2 subscription. Please note, neither of these licenses include Teams, which available through Microsoft 365.

Please visit the Visio website for more details on each plan, as well as options for trying the Visio Online experience and our cloud-first innovations for free. We also invite you to submit ideas for more cloud innovations on our UserVoice site. For questions about our latest releases, please email us at tellvisio@microsoft.com. To stay informed of the latest Visio releases, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and visit our blog and Tech Community sites.

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I like the commenting as part of the Teams chat besides the diagram. Customers want that for PowerPoint slides as well.


Can we view a Power BI Report embedded Visio diagram without Visio subscription?
I want to share the Power BI Report embedded Visio diagram with members, who does not edit, does not have Visio subscription.


Regarding "Can we view a Power BI Report embedded Visio diagram without Visio subscription?" - Yes, viewers of the dashboard with Visio embedded in the dashboard don't require Visio subscription. 


WoW @Saurabh Gaur, Thank you for your quick reply.
and WoW, The Power BI Dashboard which embedded the Visio Diagram don't require Visio subscription

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Anything special about embedding a visio in a powerBI report and then displaying in teams? When I access the dashboard in teams, I see a big sign-in block where the visio should be and when I click sign-in it never updates.

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None of the recent articles I've read about this new feature in Teams confirms one point: Can we co-author a Visio document while in Teams? Or does that require each author to have a Visio Online 2 license?


@Scott Abbotts, Thank you for your comment. At this point of time Visio Online does not support co-authoring inside Teams, irrespective of the license. This is part of our roadmap and we would like to learn more about your use case for this feature.


You can reach out on tellVisio@microsoft.com for sharing your scenario and feedback. For any feature suggestions, we also invite you to post it on our UserVoice site.

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Hello I tried to share my powerbi with Visio embedded and the app wouldn’t work. Are there specific restrictions or guidelines on how to do this?


Hi @Meera Varsani, @Berney Gehring


If you are embedding a Power BI report with a Visio diagram in it, within Teams, your Visio diagram will need guestaccess permissions in SharePoint Online i.e. your Visio file should be accessible to anyone.

Please let me know if it solves the issue for you or reach us at tellvisio@microsoft.com if you need further help with this.





Not applicable



is there any possibility to add a Visio tab in a channel, in Teams?

For example, I would like to access my visio file which preview or display it, through a tab in a channel, such as Files or Wiki for example.




Add the Visio tab to Microsoft Teams, I want the feature. 😁
for easy / clear the Add the Visio Tab


like add Excel tab, PowerPoint tab, Power BI tab.

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It's already possible to share a Visio Online diagram in Teams using the Website tab.
To get the link to the diagram, click Share in the top right of the page.

Then click the Copy Link icon at the bottom of the popup dialogue box.

Then copy the link.

Open Teams, click the + button to add a tab and search for Website.
Enter the title of the diagram and add the link.
Now your Visio diagram is available to other members of your Teams group. 


Hope this is helpful.

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Great, except that it doesn't work for me.  I have saved an O365 Visio document (.vsdx) into my Team space, but attempts to subsequently edit it in Visio get "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program".  This remains the case after exiting and restarting the Teamsapp, and rebooting my computer (running Windows 7).


I can download a copy and then edit the .vsdx file, but that doesn't help with config control.

Also, I cannot delete the file from the Team room.  There's an error message that pops up in a balloon but for whatever reason I don't get to see the whole message.


  Capture.PNGUseless error...


Anyone know what's going on?


Hi @MikeH_1963,


Thanks for getting in touch. I'd like some more details from you to look in to the issue better.

Could you please drop us a line at tellvisio[at]microsoft[dot]com?




Product Manager, Visio