The Intrazone, episode 8: “The great classic-to-modern evolution”

Where are you in your classic-to-modern SharePoint evolution? Are you Darwin a blank? Or leaping into the future of now? Or somewhere in the in-between? Modernizing user experiences and IT/dev patterns & practices may seem daunting, yet you have a ‘partner in progress’ from classic to modern: Microsoft.


This week, Chris and I chat with Adam Harmetz (Partner GPM) and Lincoln DeMaris (Principle PM) from the SharePoint engineering team. We asked them about a whole bunch of things, under the guise of “hitting refresh” - about the team evolving their own engineering excellence, about their approach to customers, community & design, and the empathy for all to transition smoothly and move forward together.


There is a learning curve to it, and so much of SharePoint has been modernized – with much more to come. We’re here to help.


Get your ears ready and start your classic-to-modern evolution!


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Hosts-guests_faces_Intrazone-8.jpgLeft to right: Mark Kashman – senior product manager (SharePoint/Microsoft) [host], Chris McNulty – senior product manager (SharePoint/Microsoft) [co-host], Adam Harmetz – partner group program manager (SharePoint/Microsoft) [guest], and Lincoln DeMaris – principal program manager (SharePoint/Microsoft) [guest].

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Valued Contributor

Absolutely awesome episode. I love this level of detail. Thanks for making it!

Respected Contributor

As usual, Lots of interesting info in this episode.

I would like to point out that there are still many inconsistencies in the user experience between the various apps and services in O365.

@Lincoln DeMarisplease take a look at the People Picker controls that are used to add members to groups in O365 Admin Center, Outlook Web App, SharePoint Online and Teams and make them consistent. Standard functionality like this still looks like it being developed by devs that are not communicating with each other. Group Membership lists show different attributes and sort orders, or lack thereof. File uploading experiences are also very different between SPO and Teams.