Office 365 group in Microsoft Forms

Group forms and team collaboration

We received a lot of  feedback from people who want to work with their colleagues on forms that can be accessed and managed by all team members. Now, you can easily create Office 365 group forms directly in the Forms portal (forms.office.com)!


Quickly access group forms

On the Forms portal page, in the “Group forms” tab, you’ll see all the forms you’ve recently accessed.




Create a new form in your group

Click the arrow next to “Recent group forms” and pick the group in which you want to create a new form. Any team member in this group will have full control (view, edit, and manage) over any group forms.


Forms group.png


Click on the "…" in the upper right corner of any form card to see copy or delete a form options.


What is an Office 365 Group?

It’s a place in which you can collaborate with your colleagues and share resources. For more details, see learn about Office 365 Groups.


What is an Office 365 Group form?

It’s a form that belongs to a specific Office 365 group in which all team members of that group can view and edit it. You can create Office 365 group forms in the Forms portal (forms.office.com), SharePoint modern team sites, and Microsoft Teams.


Does Forms have external guest support for Office 365 Group?

Not at this time, but we do have this item on our list of future feature improvements.


How many Office 365 Group forms can I create?

You and your team can create up to 200 forms (cumulative) for each Office 365 group.


Want to share your feedback?

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know what you think via this survey.


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I see this post and got an email from the Microsoft Uservoice and went to Forms in my Office 365 Enterprise account and went to the group forms tab and the ability to create new forms is not there.  Very disappointing.

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Hi there!

Something goed wrong from the Forms Portal, trying to enter the new Group Forms.

I found a workaround though, that might help fixing the bug:

1. I open the Forms portal

2. I click on this "SilentSignIn" URL (see below)

3. I go back to the Forms Portal tab and press the GroupForms button: now it works.
4. Change from "Recent Forms" to your desired Team or Group.
5. Now you can create a Form or Quiz.

Don't ask me why...



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Tried it and it didn't work for me.  :-(

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It worked for me. Thank you Microsoft for doing this change, it was long waited.


Have you switched to the group view which you would like to create a group form belong to it?

In 'Recent group forms', you could access the group forms which you recently used, but you could not create new group form here.

Please click on 'Recent group forms' and choose a group to access, then you should be able to see the ability of create new group form.

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Thanks @Zhongzhong Li and @Ying Ruan!  This works for us now.

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I can create and make us of group forms - but how do I clean up? How can I delete a group form?


Click '...' on top-right of the group form card, you can copy or delete the form.

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No, I only get "Remove from list" - doesn't delete it, just removes it from my list and nothing for the the other group members, right? Only owners should be allowed to remove is my thought also.

Occasional Contributor
You are looking at the "Recent items" list. Please Click on recent items and select you group or Team first.
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That totally did the trick, thanks!!

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Currently if I create a form under my account and I leave the company, the form will be deleted after our standard retention of 30 days.   If a Form is created using the O365 group, where is it stored?


Nice, I'm waiting Guest support by Microsoft Forms.
for using Microsoft Forms on Microsoft Teams.
Currently, Microsoft Teams support Guest.
So, I hope to support Guest on Microsoft Forms on Microsoft Teams


@Robin Johnson, it is stored in the group. It will be deleted after your group expired.

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Thank you!

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Does everyone in the group receive an email notification when a response is submitted to a group form? Is there a way to control who gets notified?

Frequent Contributor

@Jane Habel, I just created a test form and chose email responses and tested it but I was not notified at all where I just tested a regular form I have and was immediately notified.  However, you might be able to make a Microsoft Flow for notification.  Seems like @Zhongzhong Li, the group or at least the initial creator should be notified if that choice is made without needing to create a flow.


@Jeffrey Allen@Jane Habel, thanks for the feedback.


Currently, the email will send to the group, but you have to enable "accept external email" for your group to receive the email notification, as the email is sent as "Microsoft Forms".


We are also working on the improvement.




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Thanks @Zhongzhong Li, I'll make an adjustment to a group to test this.  I hope an improvement is coming soon that will not require external emails or some other option.

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@Zhongzhong Liand @Jane Habel, I did change the setting to allow external email for a group and created a test form and filled it out and it notified all members as well as appear in the groups inbox.  Thanks and as I say, I hope an improvement will be coming soon.  I did notice when I tried a Office 365 group that became a Team it didn't work.

Dear team, Thanks for this new feature, but I have a question related to the templating Into Forms, when you create a form, you can use the template link "Share as a template" and that will create an internal link you can use to create a new form questionnaire based on that template (useful in case of end project feedback)

This link is only working into the personal forms and not into the group forms, so my questions are:

  • Is there any solution possible to use the template logic for the group forms ?
  • Is there any possibility to move an existing personal form into a group ?

I found a related uservoices


Thanks for your help



Frequent Contributor

@Fabrice Romelard, I see "share as a template" in a test form I created in a group.  Are you accessing the new form from the groups tab in your Forms section?

@Jeffrey Allen, I just found the link from the group form, but when you use it to create a duplicated form you will have the questionnaire saved into your own space, not into the group one I just tried to validate this issue
Frequent Contributor

Yes, the shared as a template does go to the personal forms even with the option there.  That would be great.  Also, it would be great if a Form could be moved from personal to group.

@Jeffrey feel free to vote on uservoices :)
Frequent Contributor

@Fabrice Romelard, I did but I also think for O365 Groups as well and I was trying to find a Uservoice post for that as well.  I added a comment to the Uservoice stating that, if the moderator approves it that is.

Hi, I'm wondering if what Fabrice Romelard asked for, about moving an existing personal form into a group has been realized. I have many personal forms that, I would want other colleagues to access and receive notifications for. I don't want to have to recreate the same forms in the group sention. I can't even see an option to create a new group form. Thanks.

Dear Clarence, As I know the solution is not working today, I checked on my tenant and it's not working. So if you use the option "Share as a template" from your own form, you will generate a dedicated URL similar to: - https://forms.office.com/Pages/ShareFormPage.aspx?id=xxxxxxx&sharetoken=yyyyy When you give that URL to your colleague, it will propose him to duplicate your questionnaire into his account. That will not offer you the option to save it into the Office 365 Group I hope that will be something MS will deliver in future. Fab

Dear Fabrice, thanks a lot for your quick reply and for looking into it, much appreciated! Let's hope Microsoft has this on their to do list and help us with a solution sometime soon. Have a wonderful time! Cheers, Clarence

Clarence, you can also vote for the uservoice requests defined in the previous comment. - https://microsoftforms.uservoice.com/forums/386451-welcome-to-microsoft-forms-suggestion-box/suggest... - https://microsoftforms.uservoice.com/forums/386451-welcome-to-microsoft-forms-suggestion-box/suggest... The second is more similar to what you want to do. Fab

Just did Fabrice. Cheers.


Nothing seems to be changing on that topic though.  Pretty unreal that transfer of ownership wasn't a thing from Day 1 (even if it had to be done by an admin via powershell!)


Hi @Fabrice Romelard@Clarence Nnane@Dustin Halvorson@Jeffrey Allen


Thanks for providing feedback. Here is my quick answer.


Template URL

Every time you click on "Duplicate", it will always create a personal form.


How to duplicate a survey to O365 group

Open the group in Forms, and click on the "..." menu on the target form, then you could see a "copy" button, that will duplicate the form to the current group.


Transfer ownership from a personal form to a group form

We don't have it now, but we are working on it.





"Transfer ownership from a personal form to a group form

We don't have it now, but we are working on it."


Good to hear that you're working on it Zhongzhong! Can't wait! Thanks for your reply. Cheers.


@Clarence Nnane, you could also provide more comments for transfer ownership in our UserVoice site.


I just did Zhongzhong. Cheers.


@Zhongzhong Li to be fair, there's been comments on a weekly basis, yet no response from Microsoft since January, and even then, there was a still a question of why this was needed!


I'd question if UserVoice is even considered in the development cycle!


Hi Dustin,


Thanks for you patient.

"Transfer ownership from a personal form to a group form" is a complex feature as it relates to form storage, permission access and compliance policy (e.g. data retention). That's why we have to spend more time to discuss and review the design to make it safe.


As you mentioned in UserVoice, Zhang Li and his FC are still active working on it. We will sent out email notification when the feature is ready.




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I've created group forms, and they work as expected so far. But within the document library of the group I now see 'Untitled Form.xlsx' and 'Untitled Form 1.xlsx', etc. As places for the data to go. I'm fine with the data being stored there, but I'd love to rename the files. Anything with 'untitled' is a risk for accidental deletion.

Any ideas?



@Keith Young, thanks for the feedback.

I will bring back to our engineering team.




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I've used the "Share as a Template" option and it works well to allow others in my group to collect data using the form and have it be unique to their job. If I create a group form will the resulting data also be unique to each person who uses the form or will it be the collective result of everyone in the group who uses the form? Does this make sense what I'm asking? I hope. 


@Mark Mason,for Group form, both questions and result are stored in the group, and all the group members could access it.

However, if you create "share as a template" URL for a group form, form created with template URL will be personal form for now.





Hi @Zhongzhong Li -  thanks for this post.  


Where does the system place the group form data for a Yammer group?  For Teams it places it in an excel file in the group SharePoint.  I can't see something similar for Yammer groups.




I moved some forms to group forms and the notifications are no longer working. The group is set up to "accept external emails" in ID Web. Is there somewhere else I need to enable this?





Occasional Contributor

Hi, this is a neat feature. However, we already have a few forms, how can I move them to Group?


Hi @Shaishav Merchant, we just released a new feature called "Move" under the "..." of each form.

It is under rolling out. You should be able to get it in few weeks.

Occasional Visitor

Hi @Zhongzhong Li I am not receiving email notifications when a form is submitted and I saw earlier you recommended to "enable external mail" - where do I go to do this? Also, very excited to hear that you are rolling out the "Move" feature! Thanks.


@Sally Jack, if you're the group owner, you could find the settings in the "Edit group setting" pane in Outlook Online.

You could open the group in Forms, then clicks on "members", then the "settings" button (gears button) of the group -> "Edit group".

Occasional Visitor

Great thanks for that @Zhongzhong Li. Just another question, is there capacity for the form to be converted into a Word/PDF and sent through via email instead of the link to Forms?


How to move a Form/Quiz from Group Forms back to My Forms?