Today, we are excited to announce that Microsoft Forms, a simple app for creating surveys, quizzes, and polls, is generally available to all Office 365 commercial customers. Used by more than 3 million users in education, Forms was brought to commercial preview by customer demand last year. Thanks to more than 50,000 companies participating in the Preview program, Microsoft Forms is now enterprise ready, and, hence, we are removing the “Preview” label.


With Microsoft Forms, your employees can easily solicit client input, measure customer satisfaction, and organize team events, within minutes. The app is simple to use and works on any web browser, so it can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. With real time responses and automatic charts built in, Microsoft Forms makes it easy to understand the data right away. And for companies that want to custom brand their surveys, Forms supports the addition of themes, logo, and images. We also know that many users work in teams, so users can collaborate on a single form. Forms can be used within applications you know and love, such as Excel, SharePoint, Teams, Flow, and Sway.


Most recently, Microsoft Forms added many features that enterprises requested, such as SOC compliance, ability for IT admins to manage user licenses, and controls to enable sharing of Forms outside of their organization. For more complex surveys, we also added support question branching and Likert scales, plus an ability to collect 50,000 survey responses per form.


Click on the Forms tile in the Office 365 app launcher or visit http://forms.office.com to create your first poll, survey, or quiz. Learn more about Microsoft Forms from here.


Frequently asked questions

Q. Who can use Microsoft Forms?

A. Microsoft Forms is available in the following Office 365 commercial suites: Office 365 Business Essentials, Office 365 Business Premium, and Office 365 Enterprise E1, E3, and E5 plans. Microsoft Forms is also available to existing Office 365 Enterprise E4 customers who purchased E4 before its retirement.


Q. Where is data stored for Microsoft Forms?

A. Microsoft Forms data is stored on servers in the United States and Europe. All data is located in the United States, except for European-based tenants. Their data is stored in databases in Europe. We are working to expand our offering to other countries and regions and will share timelines as we get closer to those dates.


Q. Is Microsoft Forms compliant?

A. Microsoft Forms reached SOC Compliance Level C. Microsoft Forms will also meet GDPR compliance requirements by May 2018


Q. Can I control which users in my organization access these apps?

A. Yes, through assigning licenses to the users


Q. What is Microsoft Forms for Excel?

A. Besides Microsoft Forms website, users can create forms from OneDrive and Excel Online, by using “Forms for Excel”. Forms for Excel is in Preview stage. Learn more here.


Q. What is Microsoft Forms’ architecture?

A. Microsoft Forms is an Office web app with Web front-end & SQL Azure as back-end. All data encryption is at rest tier. Forms data is isolated by tenant and user and it belongs to the form designer, or the user group who created the form.

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Thanks for the update, that's great news!


Just a question, if you don't mind, are there are changes to the limits, specifically 5,000 responses and also is there a limit on the number of questions, 95 is it?  Not so much for myself but I know there has been interest in getting some clarification on these and I just wondered if GA changed anything? Thanks!

@Cian Allner, I believe the limit per form is 50,000 responses now.

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Thanks @Haniel Croitoru! I'd not seen that mentioned anywhere, 50,000 responses sounds great. 



Thank you for GA and 50,000 response per form.

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Thanks for sharing. Business has been waiting for long time and will be pleased to know. We are going in invest in 6K F1 licenses and curious to know if F1 license will also have support for it besides E1, E3 and E5?


Regarding response number limit; yes, i read Forms support page yesterday and found limit is increased from 5K to 50K.



 If number of question limit can also be increased then it will further increase the probability of usage.



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@Kathy Liu

How come I don't see any about this in my clients Office 365 Message Center?

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This is great news. 

We are in Canada - when will the data be stored in Canada ?

I've found MS Forms to be very user-friendly and easy to use. It always seemed stable but is nice to see the "preview" label being dropped.


Microsoft Forms will also meet GDPR compliance requirements by May 2018


Is Microsoft forms GDPR compliant already?

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Is this available in Government tenants?  Is it on by default or do I need to ask our Global Admins to enable?

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Is there a plan to allow a larger drop down in the MS Form?  My business need is to pre-populated some of the fields either from a SharePoint list or SQL server based on user log in ID.

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Enterprise ready?

Sorry but the gap between PR and reality is too frustrating. Forms is a good start but it doesn't even support date formats other than the US date format (which almost nowhere else in the world uses!). That wouldn't even be acceptable in a college project nevermind an enterprise-ready application.


You've had people begging on Uservoice for over 15months now for international date formats and they haven't even had the courtesy of a reply or a "Thinking About it" status.


That's neither enterprise ready nor an appropriate way to treat your customers!

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How can you claim that it enterprise ready when there is no ability for an admin to find existing forms or to work with a form created by a former employee? this is very basic functionality for any enterprise level application. Admins need to be able to understand what is happening with applications in the tenant.

As an Admin can I view forms that others have created?


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@Diana Skidmoreno you cannot, this is another reason why the title of this post is totally misleading. MS has not yet delivered the needed admin tools for Forms.

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Is there a chance that the IPs of those submitting forms would be available? We would like to lock down forms to our particular IPs.

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Has there been an answer to whether or not Forms is available for government accounts? @Yvonne Hertel

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@Melanie Benzel  We received notification in our tenant last week that Forms roll out for GCC tenants will begin November 1st.  Fingers crossed!

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@Yvonne Hertel Fingers and toes crossed! Thanks for the update. I couldn't find the info anywhere. 

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Thanks @Michael Bonner! I bookmarked this resource. 

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Can a survey be sent to people outside of the organization, like prospect survey's, etc?

If so, do they have to be on O365/one the plans that forms is included with? 

Yes, you can create MS Forms that people outside your org can complete.

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Can I ask whether it is possible to use Azure Data Factory to pull the data from a specific MS Form that I have set up, and then I can place it into Azure SQL?

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hi people can you please help me out, the info i find regarding this isseue in MSFt sites is not direct.

Does office 365 F1 license gives right to this user to also respond to Forms? and does this "usage" let me as admin of the form know wich of our internal users is answering the Form?

many thanks

Bruno Pereira


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HI All,

My windows 10 clients are unable to access file sharing between each other after installing upgrading feature 1803.


Any one can guide to resolve this issue.




I'm having problems with a quiz for 3,000 users. I'm getting errors when more than 1,000 users are trying to access the quiz at the same time. Is there any limit about the concurrenced sessions permitted?

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The way the forms and quiz data is stored, is still quite confusing. I would like to work with the response data from quizzes without having to export it constantly. The way I currently see it, response data is stored in two ways:


  1. If I create a form from within OneDrive, an .XLSX file is created that stores the responses. I can directly reference that sheet if I want to analyze it and the data will be constantly refreshed. From within OneDrive, I can only create a form but not a quiz.
  2. If I create a form/quiz from within the Forms interface, the data is stored in Azure SQL, which is essentially a black box. There is no way that I have found that I can work with the data unless I export it to an Excel file. I would like to create a quiz and be able to analyze the scores in a way that the current response format does not provide.

If this is truly to be considered "enterprise-ready" there has to be a way for the users to get to the data. It is difficult enough for admins to control what's out there, e.g. finding other users' forms, but the fact that I can't even access my own data is very frustrating. I am hopeful someone from Microsoft can chime in and explain how to find the data in Azure, but I am afraid the answer will just be that we aren't allowed to touch it.

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@ Katelyn Brozovich's question above about whether people have to be on O365 to complete a survey wasn't answered in @ Kevin Crossman's response. 

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@FritzMeister  any easy to use approach is with MS Forms, when a Form is submitted, the Flow can get the data and put it somewhere else