By Aasawari Navathe | Intune PM
This week Google released their first public Android Q Beta build through Google's Beta program. As with all beta OS builds, our team is continually monitoring any impact on functionality. One impact reported is that certain Microsoft apps are not behaving as expected on devices which have Google's Android Q Beta builds. The apps that have been reported to crash when the Intune Company Portal is on the Android device running Android Q beta are Microsoft To Do, Microsoft Planner, and Microsoft Yammer. 
We have a solution for this issue, so if you are testing Android Q beta, know that the fix went out this week in the Intune Company Portal on the Google Play Store beta channel. It will be available in the beta channel until the code fix is rolled into the next public Company Portal production rollout. You can download the beta build of the Company Portal here and select "Become a Tester". Once you’re in the beta program, you'll receive an update to the Intune Company Portal app if you already have it installed on your device. If you don't have the Intune Company Portal app installed, download the beta version on Google Play.
The Intune team is continually monitoring and deploying fixes regarding Android Q Beta builds. If you have any other Android Q beta and Intune feedback, feel free to comment back on this post. We will continue to update this post as we release additional information.
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I have the beers installed and it is still crashing immediately

@Psycoboy15 Thank you for your feedback, we will need some more information from you to figure out what the issue is. 

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After installing Android Q Beta, Intune Company Portal wouldn't work.  I tried downloading the beta version of Company Portal, and it still immediately crashes after trying to open the app.  

@Robert_Miranda Hi Robert, is this the CP app that is crashing or is it a separate Office app such as Yammer, To Do, Planner? We will follow up with you for more information.

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Yes, it is the Company Portal app that crashes every time.  I cannot get into the app to provide any logs whatsoever. Not sure if this matters, but I'm using Google Pixel XL (yes, the original Pixel!).

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Hi I'm having a problem with apps regularly crashing, and I'm providing feedback but a new problem popped up today.


I was suggested by my IT department to try and clear my profile and re-enroll my device, however when trying to re-register in Intune I am unable to install the security credentials from my workplace. I just get an error when clicking the android notification that says


"Certificate required to install a private key"




"Private key required to install a certificate"


Please help :)

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My company portal app works fine. The Outlook app however continously crashes once setting up a secure email. Please advise

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I'm having the same problem since updating to Android Q.  Intune is working, but Outlook crashes every time.  I'm trying to download the Android Q Beta 2 patch now to see if that helps.

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After downloading and installing Android Q Beta Patch 2 yesterday, I was able to successfully reinstall Intune Company Portal and Outlook. Outlook works perfectly now!  No crashes to either Company Portal or Outlook yet... 


In the Android Q, it mentioned that the camera restriction policy can be no longer be controlled by "device admin" apps like Company Portal. It said that only Android Enterprise can control camera.

My customer has used Intune to control android camera in thousands of users.

It is not possible to ask users to reset their devices to Android Enterprise to comply the policy.


Does it mean that Company Portal needs to make camera restriction policy work in Android Enterprise?



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While we are talking about Android Q, We still have problems using Microsoft Intune in VIVO & Oppo Devices for reason that they don't support manual encryption. Is there any chance these issues going to be fixed?


This compatibility issue is challenging on roll-out of M365 solutions in India where VIVO & Oppo are leading OEMs.



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Company portal app constantly shows a notification about synchronisation of the policies with Intune. This notification cannot be removed and is there since beta 1. Is this a known issue? Reenrolling my pixel 2 doesn't help.