Populating multiple cells on multiple sheets from one cell/sheet?

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So I am trying to populate text from one sheet and one cell to multiple sheets/cells.  So for instance I am trying to have it where the user can type text in a cell and then it is automatically distributed to multiple sheets and specific cells on the those sheets.  What I am trying to do is make a weekly Plan of the Day my boss can fill out on Monday and it will fill all the other days (sheets) after to Friday.  Can this be done....I cant quite figure out what function in auto sum does this...I am assuming its in there somewhere.  Thanks!

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If you have separate sheets for Monday to Friday and they are all exactly the same structure then by Ctrl Clicking each sheet you can highlight them all then anything you type in one cell on one sheet will be replicated on all sheets.

Is that the sort of thing you are wanting to do?

Anything more advanced than that would likely require VBA (Macro) to be written.
How do you do this on Excel online?
It doesn't appear to be possible in Excel online
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