Locking Hidden Columns/Rows so they cannot be unhidden?

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I have an excel that I would like to lock some rows and columns so they cannot be unhidden.  not just so they cannot be changed/edited, but stay hidden.

is there a way to do that (have not been able to find one yet :))


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Hello @mdobbin99,


if you protect the sheet, hidden rows and columns cannot be unhidden. If the sheet has data entry cells, you first need to format each of these cells to be Unlocked. That is a tick box on the Protection tab of the Format dialog. Untick the "Locked" tick box for each cell that people should be able to edit.



Then use the Protect Sheet command on the Review ribbon. You can add a password so that the sheet can only be unprotected with the correct password.






Be aware, though, that this protection is just to prevent inadvertent changes, not malicious intent. This password can be broken if a person puts sufficient energy into the attempt.



@Ingeborg Hawighorst 

 Thank you very much for the screen shots and the instructions. This worked perfectly and was the first set of instructions on this topic that actually made sense. Thanks again, Michael 

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